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SRINAGAR: The unregulated parking outside the Mini-Secretariat and its general vicinity in Ganderbal district obstructing pedestrian movement has irked general public. Locals sad that the vehicles are parked around Mini-Secretariat without any regulatory from the district administration which creates problems for commuters and pedestrians. They said that the concern authorities have turned a blind eye to this menace, demanding swift and stringent action.

“Every day, a number of cars can be found blocking the road leading towards Mini-Secretariat Ganderbal. The area has turned into a free parking lot”, they told PTK. Adding that the people as well as employees of Mini-Secretariat are suffering due to parking irregularities. Locals said that the area has no Parking zone designated which has resulted in inconvenience to people, especially during peak hours.

“It has become quite difficult for us to move in and out just because of the parking issues outside” a govt employees said, added that the parking situation is in complete chaos. Meanwhile, the residents have appealed district administration to take necessary action for the redressal of the issue.