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GANDERBAL: Police have arrested at least three suspects including a quarrying labour in connection with Mansbal Park blast that left 13 persons wounded.   A police official said that during the investigation it came to fore that three suspects hatched a criminal conspiracy and manufactured explosive device on the next day of Eid-ul-Fitar at Kondbal by way of arranging a Pepsi bottle, adhesive tape, fuse, wick and nitrate mixture and went to Mansbal park in North Kashmir’s Bandipora district on a motor cycle. They put the explosive device inside a steel dustbin. Thereafter the fuse was ignited by Qaurry labourer Younis Khan. The device exploded and all the 3 fled away from the scene of occurrence.

The official added that case registered at Police Station Safapora was solved by a special investigation team that was constituted by SSP Ganderbal Fayaz Ahmed and was headed by Ashiq Hussain, Deputy Superintendent of Police Ganderbal Headquarters.    He identified the three suspects as Younis Khan son of Ayoub Khan, Irfan Khan son of late Ghulam Muhammad, and Bilal Mir son Ghulam Rasool all residents of both residents of Kondbal. Younis and Bilal are quarry labourers.