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JAMMU: State unit of Anna Hazare Anti-Corruption Movement criticised the previous PDP-BJP Government for its failure to provide transparent and corruption-free government to the people of the State. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Tarun Uppal, National Core Committee member of Anna Hazare Anti-Corruption Movement expressed dismay over no action being initiated against the corrupt officials for misusing the government machinery despite the complaints registered in the State Vigilance Organisation.

He said that over hundreds of State Government vehicles are being used unauthorisedly by the government officials in the PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control Department for their personal use resulting in loss of crores of rupees to the state exchequer. Tarun Uppal asked the State Vigilance Organisation to proceed against the complaint registered against the officials of PHE, I&FC Department for misusing the government vehicles. He mentioned that some written complaints have already sent to the Director Vigilance Organisation regarding the misuse of government vehicles but nothing has been done.

“Despite the complaints sent to the Vigilance Organisation no action has been taken against the officials for misusing the government vehicles,” Uppal said, adding that the some vehicles are using by those officials who are not even entitled to have vehicles. Tarun Uppal lambasted the previous government for its failure to create a mechanism to probe the complaints of corruption against the tainted officials. He asserted that the government should take measures to stop corruption instead remaining dependent on anti-graft bodies.

“The State Vigilance Organisation should also adopt multi-dimensional approach to check allegations of misuse of government vehicles by non-entitled government officials. The duties of State Vigilance officers are explicitly defined in Jammu and Kashmir State Vigilance Commission Rules, 2013 and their role is to check corrupt practices in the government departments,” he emphasized.

Tarun Uppal appealed to the Governor to initiate enquiries sent by the State Vigilance Organisation to the Director Vigilance Organisation, Jammu, against the D.D.P and another one against CAO of I&FC Department, Jammu, at the earliest. He urged upon the His Excellency Governor N.N Vohra to send a team of officers as Special Audit Party to check the misuse of vehicles by whole PHE and Irrigation and Flood Control Department.