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JAMMU: Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee & Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India wondered on the wisdom of the legal advisors to the Election Commission of India who had a long debate of two days in New Delhi involving almost all recognized national and state parties coming out with big banners in support of holding general elections of the Parliament (Lok Sabha) and State Assemblies simultaneously. Several senior political weights and political thinkers came out heavy slogans using high profile words in support of this move that general elections in India for the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies should be held simultaneously. It was a big day for the media also to highlight the proposition .

The J&K National Panthers Party could not give its views under subject matter for it was not invited, I feel deliberately, therefore it could not raise a pertinent question regarding the life of the members of the State Assembly in J&K. In J&K when National Conference headed by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah took over government with the support of the Congress. The State Assembly passed an Enactment raising the life of State Assembly from 5 to 6 years. In J&K, the life of State Assembly has been six years since 1977. This was a hostile legislation but J&K Legislate has made a Law in J&K. It was only J&K National Panthers Party which is opposing this enactment of the State Assembly which is contrary to the national legislation and places J&K legislature on different footing legally, constitutionally and violates the national decorum. Any way this is a Law in the State of J&K which is totally different from the rest of the country.


Prof.Bhim Singh questioned Election Commission of India and the Ministry of Law & Justice as well as the Law Commission of India how shall it be possible to hold simultaneous elections for the Assemblies in India. Shall the Election Commission of India and the Ministry of Law & Justice discriminate with the electorates, the citizens of India in the State of J&K. Was this exercise for holding simultaneous elections to the State Assemblies and Lok Sabha an unthoughtful exercise by the Ministry of Law & Justice as well as the bureaucracy in the Election Commission of India.