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  • Chuni elected SOS Intl chairman 9th time in a row

JAMMU: S. O. S. International – An organization for PoK Displaced Persons today held election for the chairman of the organization and Mr. Rajiv Chuni once again emerged as winner for the 9th time in a row. This was revealed by election in charge of the organization Prof. J. S. Mangal during a meeting at Rehari Colony, Jammu. While speaking during the meeting, Prof. Mangal said election was conducted as per the resolution passed by general house of the organization on “29-April-2018” that says election will be held to elect only chairman and the rest of the team will be constituted by elected chairman.

Speaking further, Prof. Mangal said that all the members were called telephonically, via newspaper notice and letters were also sent for nominations but only 3 nominations were received till fixed date and all were for only Mr. Rajiv Chuni. “The nominations were accepted and were in ordered moreover it is mandatory to mention here that the last date for receiving nominations was July 13, Friday and the Saturday July 14, was the last date for withdrawal. Thousands of life members and general members of the organization today participated in the peaceful electoral process and I declared Mr. Chuni elected as chairman once again. Election was done in a peaceful manner and I congratulate Mr. Rajiv Chuni and call him to make his own team of the organization as per resolution adopted by S. O. S. International. I wish that he will work with great zeal and dedication as he has been doing for the long time. I endorse Rajiv Chuni and all who have endorsed him for the post of chairman”, Prof. Mangal added.

While addressing the gathering newly elected Chairman Rajiv Chuni extended his sincere gratefulness to life members of the organization for their support and faith. He said that he will work with utmost dedication and sincerity as he has been doing constantly for a very long time and the spree of fighting for justice for PoK DPs will continue. “You people keep faith on me and I assure you that I will keep the spirit alive and I like to caution my worthy members that task is supposed to turn tough in coming days because intention of Government is not pious. When Government announced tiny relief amount of Rs 5.5 lakh per family, S. O. S. International had out rightly rejected it, then on the assurances of Ministers, MPs, MLAs and MLCs who called it 1st installment of the whole package of Rs 25 lakh only and the whole amount passed by State Cabinet in 2014 will be given to PoK DPs, and only after then we gave the nod.

Moreover, this Government unilaterally extended Scheme till 2020 that is again seen as another malpractice to keep PoK DPs at bay. Had it done something for good then it must have announced inclusion of ousted 5300 families in the package or release of rest of relief amount but it didn’t. How can a Government assure us who himself doesn’t know its own future in upcoming elections? It seems that it again tries to exploit PoK DPs for its own petty gains but we won’t let them succeed in their slavish designs”, he added.

“26, 319 families of PoK DPs of 1947 registered in J&K State won’t turn up for much awaited relief amount as many of them might have died and whereabouts of many of families are not known. A total 31,619 PoK DP families were registered during their mass exodus from their ancestral places in PoK and out of which, 5,300 families were registered outside J&K but these 5,300 folks were excluded from this cash assistance. Then, Government started the process of disbursing relief amount among 26, 319 families subtracting 5,300 families. Government must include these State Subjects despite having DP Registration of other states than J&K”, Chuni stated.

“All the successive Governments have ditched PoK DPs by showing them green gardens before elections and the innocent community has fallen prey to veiled filthy designs that led to another traumatic era for them. The degree for discrimination by Government can easily gauged by the fact that Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh recently had announced hike in cash relief by 30% to Kashmiri Pandits and other facilities but nothing to PoK DPs who are the part and parcel of same state are deprived of their rights. Everything that is being given to KPs must be provided to PoK DPs because these two communities have left their ancestral places and there should not be any disparity between communities.

Every sort of benefit is being extended to the community that is displaced within the state but not a single penny is being given to PoK DPs. No one could have ever expected such sort of bias from the leadership that got votes from Jammu has kept Valley centric approach in their whole tenure. The BJP led Government must treat state subject communities (PoK DPs and Kashmiri Pandits) with same wand and both communities must be given equal treatment by Government but it didn’t. This is not a justification as the limit of bias has broken all records. Those who take part in democratic setup are given step motherly treatment and those who remain make mockery of it get lots of affection of BJP led Government”, Mr. Chuni stated.  

S. O. S. International chairman further stated that on Sunday, September 23, 2018, Organization will hold “Refugee Maha Rally” at Dak Banglow in Rajouri in which PoK DPs will be made aware of discriminative approach of Government. “Masses will be told to give befitting reply to hostile forces in upcoming elections to put end on discrimination to them. Members of organization will launch door to door campaign to educate PoK DPs about their rights and further course of action”, he added. He further said that on “October 22 Black Day” will be organized at Master Devi Chand park in Rehari Colony. S. O. S. International organizes black day every year and on this day white paper will be issued that will unveil the discrimination done by Government to the world’s most destitute community who left their all during tribal invasion and were thrown out of their native land”, Chuni stated.

V. K. Datta conducted stage proceedings. Others who also spoke were Prof. J. S. Mangal, Prof. N. N. Sharma, Dharamvir Gupta, Prof. Ashok Gupta, Parmod Ghai, Bhai Ram Singh, Ashwani Mahajan, Virender Khajuria, Ved Raj Bali, Sharda Devi, Tilak Raj Sethi & Pardeep Sabharwal.