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JAMMU: Shri Ram Sena today urged Governor for strengthening infrastructure for better investigation and swift prosecution in all scams in J&K state. Shri Ram Sena State President Rajiv Mahajan in a press statement today said that needless to say, all tainted politicians must be shown the door and they should not be allowed to contest elections under any circumstances. This cannot be allowed to dilly-dally under any circumstances. The cases of politicians must be decided at the earliest so that criminals are unable to misuse the political offices for spreading crime further in society. This is possible only if more courts are set up as Centre has done now by setting up 12 courts. All steps must be taken to oust criminals and corrupt politicians permanently from politics, Mahajan added.

Mahajan further said that it has always been discussed to increase the number of judges, creating more courts, but implementation is always late or inadequate. The victims are the ordinary or poor people, while the rich can afford expensive lawyers and change the course of dispensation of the law in their favour. As a matter of fact, the present system of justice is totally out of place and out of time and tune with democratic procedures and norms that please only a certain section of the society with vested interests. Therefore, there is an immediate need to restructure the entire judicial system to make it answerable to the needs of a democratic, progressive society, he added.

The BJP government failed to provide data to the Supreme Court about how many new criminal cases were lodged against current or former MPs and MLAs between 2014 and 2017. Today, it takes five years from the time the police record a First Information Report, file a charge-sheet and the court frames a charge. After that, witnesses for both the prosecution and the defense have to be examined and cross examined. Depending upon the number of witnesses to be produced, this trial can drag on for a minimum of five years. Accused persons and witnesses often die during the trial so that the entire cumbersome procedure turns in fructuous, Mahajan maintained.