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JAMMU: In March this year when Rahul Gandhi, grandson of Indira Gandhi, son of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi was crowned as the heir of Sonia Gandhi to promote dynastic rule and become the President of Congress, he staged a big drama, claimed Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. “Look at this stage. I have emptied this stage for you. I will drag talented youngsters to this stage,” Rahul Gandhi had announced this proudly kindling a ray of hope among 15000 delegates attending the plenary session.

“RaGa had also announced his intent to bring internal democracy to allow young politicians rise through the ranks. He had also promised to give more powers to young leaders. But the Congress Working Committee announced by him after four months later after much dithering and dilly-dallying has proved to be a damp squib disappointing the youth in the party. Rahul has retained most of the veterans in 23-member core committee,” said Brig Gupta.

“In a country where the average life span of a citizen is 69 years, the average age of the 23 member CWC is 68 years. There are three above 80 years of age and 12 are above 70. Not even a single member is 35 or below whereas 65% of our population is below 35 years. Gaurav Gogoi who is part of extended CWC will also turn 36 this September. The youth is conspicuous by its absence,” lamented Brig Gupta.

Claiming to be messiah of women empowerment, only a few days back Rahul had dared Prime Minister Modi to introduce the bill in Lok Sabha regarding 33% reservation for women. “But in his own CWC there are three women among 23 and seven among 51 averaging 13.7%, not even a half-way mark of 33% reservation for women as demanded by him. It only exposes his duplicity and lack of authority,” according to the Spokesperson.

Brig Gupta further exposed the hollowness and vision of Rahul Gandhi by highlighting that seven states including Congress ruled Punjab is not represented in the CWC. These seven states together have 121 Lok Sabha seats. Another interesting observation is that 9 members who form the part of the so-called young brigade in the 51 member committee are either dynasts or have royal background. Only one young MP from Maharashtra has made it without any political lineage, revealed Brig Gupta. Rahul has proved that Congress is a party of sycophants, veterans and dynasts.

“RaGa asserts that Congress is a Muslim party but not even a single Muslim woman has been nominated. The three Muslim faces in the Committee hardly represent the 22% Indian Muslim population. While the heads of Seva Dal, INTUC, INSU, Mahila Congress, and Youth Congress have been included as ex-officio invitees in the 10 member special-invitee list, head of Minority Wing has been left over. It has caused resentment among the minority members,” highlighted Brig Gupta.

Coming closer home Jammu has been once again ignored by the party. “Not even a single Congress leaders from Jammu has been found fit to be included. May be RaGa did not want to invite trouble because most of the senior leaders of Congress in Jammu are facing corruption charges. In any case the Jammu Congress leaders need to hang their head in shame because of blatant neglect by their high command,” said Brig Gupta.