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JAMMU: Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Rao an active member of Movement for Peace, Equality & Justice, in a press note issued here said that elections to the 3-tier-system of Panchyati Raj are shortly going to be held in the state. The election of Block Development Councellors & District Planning & Development Boards chairmen is a new phenomena (positive) in the history of J&K, though it has been adopted by many other states of the country.

The system empowers the general public in real sense. It had been opposed hitherto only perpetrate the monoply of politicians, who are mostly corrupt. The successive state governments were not sincere in decentralization of power to the hands of public representatives in a democratic way through democratic process and have not implemented 73rd & 74th amendments of Indian constitution in the state in toto. 

Now is the Golden opportunity before the public to elect honestmen/women without the consideration of party politics,religion,caste and creed. An honest person of any party or creed is highly preferable to a dishonest person of ones own creed. We should highly thankful to His-Excellency the Governor who not only firmly decided to hold the 3-tier Panchayat election but also rejected the previous government’s decision of electing the Sarpanch by Panches & not by general public.

Mr. Rao said that the Governor has created a history by announcing the election of Block Development Councellors & District Planning & Development Boards chairmen soon after Panchayat elections. He  further appealed to His-Excellency the Governor to remove all amendments made in Panchayati Raj Act 1989 by successive state governments making it a meretoothless tiger to suit the interest of ruling Parties,  before announcing date for Panchayat elections.  Mr. Rao fervently appeals to the general public of J&K state to elect only the honest & the competent men/women at all costs. Moreover the candidates must be nominated on non-party basis. 

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