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JAMMU: In order to revive the sagging morale of fast diminishing cadre of his party, JKPCC Chief GA Mir is selling fiction to his party men by boasting of a thumping majority in the forthcoming elections to ULBs, Panchayats as well as Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. “Mir is going through a phase of day –dreaming akin to ‘Mungeri Lal ke Haseen Sapne,” according to Brigadier Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. He is not only pedalling lies but is also resorting to rhetoric bereft of any facts. Questioning his prediction that “BJP will be wiped out in Jammu region, ”Bharatiya Janata Party has asked Mir to clarify since when he has become a psephologist and the basis of his analysis?

Each and every person in Jammu & Kashmir today acknowledges the fact that Congress and its national leadership is responsible for the present mess in Kashmir asserted Brig Gupta. Talking of U-turns, Mir needs to explain to the people number of U-turns made by the Congress in the past seven decades through false promises, unfulfilled assurances and dubious policies with regards to Kashmir. The current anger and frustration among the youth of the state is the net result of unkept promises of the Congress party stated Brig Gupta while launching a direct assault on the “appeasement policy” of the party which aimed at buying peace through tranche of notes rather than addressing the problems faced by the people.

“Mir needs to realise that people may have short-lived memories but they can never forget the acts of treachery and will never ever vote again for the Congress whose leaders even today blame the Indian Army for killing innocent civilians in Kashmir and also support Musharraf’s plan of dividing the state on religious basis. People of Jammu will never vote for a party which takes pride in being complimented by the dreaded terrorist Hafiz Saeed for its pro-Pak stand after the killing of poster boy terrorist Burhan Wani,” said Brig Gupta.

Congress which once boasted to be the largest party has been reduced to a sub-regional party due to absence of a dedicated cadre. Everywhere, it is planning to piggy back on the regional parties to ensure its existence. Congress lacks any firm ideology and continues to change the same to suit the environment from election to election, accused Brig Gupta. In our state, it in any case is reincarnation of National Conference that was formed in 1939 and disbanded itself in 1965 to become the state unit of Indian National Congress. It inherited the ideology of “exclusivity” of National Conference and always compromised the interests of Jammu &Ladakh, “with what face Mir and his party is going to face the electorate in Jammu,” questioned the BJP spokesperson?

Mir has accused Modi Government for failing to deal and handle Jammu & Kashmir problem? “What ‘problem’ is he referring to? Jammu & Kashmir is a settled issue. Even the separatists who were opposed to Indian Constitution have accepted its supremacy by protesting vehemently to safe guard a provision of the Constitution of India namely Article 35A.Congress needs to clarify to the people as to what does Mir imply by referring to ‘Kashmir problem’, demanded Brig Gupta. “Mir should stop building castles in the air and misleading his party men and instead concentrate on sorting out in house problems because Congress in the state is a divided house,” advised Brig Gupta.

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