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SRINAGAR: A video clip showing students of a primary school being made to carry loaded gas cylinder in somewhere Kashmir within the school’s premises, went viral on Wednesday. In the 86-second video, students can be seen carrying the gas cylinder  while two men watch and order ask why they are doing this and who says them to do this.  One of the student said that “Irshad Sir told to do this work”. 

Meanwhile Social media demand action against teacher, “one of Facebook user said that “Govt should take strict action against such type of teacher who asks students to do their personal work’.  Another user said that “This is the main reason why people prefer private school of their children they know that in govt school teacher are not doing their job honestly”.

Another user said that “the students should not have been allowed to carry gas cylinder.  He added that “Even if there is a free time of students, teachers should not ask students to do this work if anything gonna happen to these teachers”. When contact Director school education he didn’t pick up phone”.

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