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JAMMU: Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party while addressing media persons at Panthers Party Hqrs., at Jammu, urged the J&K Governor to convene an urgent meeting of the representatives of all recognized political parties at Srinagar or Jammu before launching the election campaign for the Panchayats and the Municipalities in J&K. Prof. Bhim Singh said that only dictates issued from the Secretariat or Raj Bhawan because the public in the state have lost confidence in the leadership which has been mis-ruling the state since 1950 with guns, lathis and lies. The people of all the regions, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh shall certainly vote for electing their representatives for the Panchayats and Municipalities. 

Prof. Bhim Singh called on all political parties in J&K to hold a joint conference together to reach a common agenda elections through honest voting. The government should be asked to release all prisoners detained under “Public Safety Act” without any trial.  People should vote as per their own choice without any coercion or threat from any quarter to elect their legitimate representatives  for the Panchayats, Municipalities or Assembly. 

Senior party leaders who were present in the press conference include P.K. Ganju, Sr. State Vice President (JKNPP), Ms. Anita Thakur, General Secretarty (JKNPP), Shanker Singh Chib, State Secretary (JKNPP) and Sewa Singh Bali, General Secretary, Panthers Trade Union (PTU).

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