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JAMMU:  Urging upon the people to gird up their loins for a decisive battle for restoration of honour and pride of dogras, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and Former Minister said that the time had come to give a befitting reply to those who had betrayed the trust of Jammu people. He said the BJP leadership having utterly failed to redeem any of its pre poll promises with its electorates having further been cheated on a host of other issues by the said party, the disappointment of masses had reached its zenith with social, political organizations and civil society having virtually raised a banner of revolt. He said that failure of BJP to get September 23rd, the birthday of Maharaja Hari Singh declared as holiday had deeply hurt the sentiment of Dogras cutting across party lines irrespective of caste, creed and colour. He was addressing a public meeting in Karan Nagar Ward No. 2 in JMC Jammu today.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that besides its jiggery pokery over the issue of Rohingya deportation, the BJP had failed to get the much publicized Rasana case transferred to CBI despite its own leaders having made public commitments in this regard. He said that failure to get the minutes of meeting related to Tribal affairs and settlement of nomads withdrawn, the BJP Ministers in the erstwhile regime had proved that their role was merely of pawns in the game of chess. They had failed to realized that they were only used by the Kashmir centric forces in furtherance of their idea of Greater Kashmir, remarked Harsh.

Stressing the unity of various pro Jammu forces, Mr. Singh said that time was fast running out with Jammu losing economically and politically with each passing day. The very identity of Dogra was under threat in view of serious developments that had taken place in the past with attempts being made to revive militancy even in Jammu region, he added. And with majority of Jammu people forced to migrate outside state and Dogra land being fastly occupied by non Dogra speaking people, the crisis of identity and culture was fast deepening, cautioned Harsh.  “We need to act or else the posterity shall never forgive us” observed Harsh. He urged upon the people to strengthen the Panthers Party which had vowed to fight every single act of bias perpetrated against Dogra land.

Appealing the people to support their own local party, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that the Kashmir centric or national parties were not the solution to the woes of Jammu region. He said that JKNPP had organized more than 350 protest demonstrations and dharnas during the last 3½ years in Jammu and Delhi to highlight the Jammu related issues including those of unemployed youth, under-employed, employees, farmers, traders besides those relating to general public and Jammu’s neglect. He said that JKNPP is fighting for the cause of Border Residents, POJK Migrants, West Pak Refugees and Jammu Migrants from streets to Supreme Court. He said that Panthers crusade for Jammu cause shall continue till the due share of Dogra land was restored to it with dignity and honour. The programme was organized by Mrs. Mitu Rajput.

Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Mrs. Manju Singh, Gagan Pratap, Parshotam Parihar, Partap Singh, Krishma Rajput, K.K Sharma, Mrs. Vaishno Sharma, Shakti Singh, Nikhil Sharma, Raghav Talwar, Joginder Singh besides others.

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