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JAMMU:  “This is unfortunate and unacceptable in the eyes of law that power hungry politicians from ‘Kashmir’ have been demanding to hear the matter or not to list the matter pending before the Supreme Court for hearing at their choice. This is unacceptable that some political parties may issue warnings to the Supreme Court of India ‘to hear’ of not to hear a matter already pending before the Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court of India has fixed hearing of a matter concerning Article 35A of the Constitution of India in January, 2019.

This is surprising that couple of frustrated, outdated and rejected politicians from ‘Kashmir’ have pouring threats that they would join ‘political process’ in J&K, may be Panchayat election only if the Supreme Court of India would decide the petition pending before the Supreme Court in favour of the demand of the Kashmiri leaders. This leadership from National Conference, Congress and some other non-existent groups held a meeting at Srinagar.

This was organized by Dr. Farooq Abdullah, the President of National Conference and decorated by the representatives of J&K Congress and some other non-recognized groups. The minutes of this meeting held at the residence of Dr. Farooq Abdullah deserves to be scrutinized by the Election Commission of India and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. This statement by the power hungry politicians deserves special attention of the Supreme Court of India. It amounts to contempt of the Supreme Court.” Prof.Bhim Singh Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Sr. Advocate of the Supreme Court  & Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee, J&K while addressing a lawyers chamber in New Delhi today appealed to the Bar Association of India to move a contempt of the court against those politicians from Kashmir who have been firing warnings to the Supreme Court of India to defer hearing on Article 35A till they are allowed to form a government. 

This is shocking that National Conference and Congress with some other allies have warned the Supreme Court hearing Article 35A to direct the Union Govt. to constitute a fresh government of the outdated political parties. NPP Supremo has challenged the Central Govt. demanding for immediate dissolution of the J&K Assembly and proceed for holding state elections for the Assembly at the earliest after conducting delimitation of the Assembly constituencies which is required under the command of the Constitution.

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