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JAMMU: While National Conference (NC) and Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) are using 35A to bycott the elections of Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), the Congress is trying to play with the emotions of the people of the state, Kashmir in particular, by assuring that if voted to power, nothing will happen to this Article of the Constitution. This is another evil attempt of the Congress to mislead the people just for the sake of getting votes, said BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan in a press handout.


How can the Congress state with such a certainty about the future of Article 35A when the case has yet to heard by the Supreme Court and give its final judgment? The statement of Congress President amounts to the contempt of the Apex Court, reads the handout. Balbir Ram Rattan stated that Congress is the root cause of all the problems being faced by the state of Jammu & Kashmir, yet it is unwilling to accept the same and continues to mislead the people under the false belief that it can undo the past by playing with their emotions.

By making such a statement on 35A, Congress has betrayed the people of Jammu and Ladakh regions, who are against the continuation of 35A, Balbir said that when the same Congress says that the issue is within the powers of the State Legislature, it should first explain why this fact has dawn on this party now when it has been ruling the state for decades. The Supreme Court had advised on a similar line while giving judgement on the case of Bachan Lal Kangotra versus State of Jammu & Kashmir, wherein the Court had hinted that “various local legislatures of J&K are discriminatory to West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs). J&K State Legislature to take action to amend various legislations to grant possible reliefs to the WPRs”.

Why has Congress failed to act on the advice of the Apex Court while in power, questioned the Spokesperson adding that the people of J&K are not gullible and they fully understand the game plan of the Congress and will teach it a lesson in the forthcoming elections. Balbir also took serious note of the statement of the Congress party terming BJP as a communal party and reminded the Congress that it was the harbinger of communal and caste politics of India.