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JAMMU: History stands witness to the fact that National Conference (NC) has always adopted opportunistic double standards in politics and that every decision and action of this regional party is based on opportunism driven by greed for power and personal convenience. During all these years of its politics, it has acquired talent in befooling the Kashmir electorates for political benefits.

The Jammu Kashmir unit of BJP terms NC’s changing stands on vital issues as reflective of the selective approach as per the convenience of the moment. The BJP believes in democratic process, of which elections are an integral part and participated in ULB elections as a matter of faith and did not seek any backdoor entry in the local bodies. Having seen the participation of the people in the elections, the NC leadership has realized that its opportunistic stance did not cut ice with the people of the valley.  

Reacting to the statement of NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani, BJP State Spokesperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, said that whatever NC leader has said is nothing but an attempt to mislead the Kashmir people once again for power and political benefits. He said that change in its stand of contesting future elections is indicative of its crass political opportunism. The reversal of its earlier decision of boycotting the elections and contesting the assembly and parliamentary polls, reveals its total lack of consistency and rectitude in its politics. For enjoying power and pelf, the NC and its leadership cannot continue to boycott the assembly and Parliamentary elections, which has become now clear.

Balbir reminded the people of the state that Sheikh Abdullah used to misguide the people in the name of Plebiscite and Referendum and later his successors are carrying on this  tradition in the name of Autonomy. In New Delhi, the tone of NC leadership is totally different from what it is in Kashmir valley, which is in line with its politics of opportunism and running after power.

The Spokesperson said that NC’s fake concern for Article 35A and 370 stands exposed before people of the state and they are not going to taken in by its rhetorical proclamations.  It must clear its stand on 35-A, whether it is a political tool for them or they are really concerned as their party is fast losing trust of the people. How fast it is losing grip can be well judged from the development, wherein its own leaders dissociated from the poll boycott call and entered into election fray.