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KARGIL: The second consultation meeting on the importance of university in Ladakh was held at Conference Hall, Tourist felicitation Centre Biamathang Kargil on Sunday. This was conducted by Students Educational Movement of Kargil (SEMOK). In this meeting, all the religious organisations, political parties and numerous representatives from different sections of the society were invited on this second consultation meeting. The representatives, intellectuals and social activists shared their ideas related to the need of Ladakh university for the people and students of Ladakh region. 

The consultation meeting is the second one among  the series of events connected to the long pending demand of the student’s community for a full fledged university in their own region.  There are almost six colleges in the region which are all affiliated to Kashmir University due to which the students have to face lots of issues whether it’s due to insurgency problem in Kashmir or discrimination towards the people of Ladakh. 

On this occasion various speakers who were new to the consultation meeting expressed their views and all of them agreed to the students cause and termed it as genuine one. One of the speakers said,that it is the basic right of the students as per the Constitution of India which is Right to Education (Article 21-A). Another speaker spoke on  emphasized on the introduction of some important courses like Language and Culture, apart from the regular courses and programs which are available in other universities around the country. After the speakers finished their opinions, there was an open debate cum discussion as to how to proceed in this journey step by step. Most of the speakers present agreed on the broad vision of SEMOK which was to keep fighting for the University in a normal pace, by taking all stakeholders of the society along with them.

Some of the eminents educationists of Kargil who were present in the consultation meeting also emphasized on the need of university in the region. They said, that there are more than 60 well qualified faculty members and enough students for the setup of a new university which is more than any other district. They shared their experiences and said that education should be on top priority in any place but unfortunately, in our region we see that education is on the bottom of any agenda or memorandum of all political parties. They suggested that our leaders should give more importance to the education sector. 

Social activists present in the meeting also put some light on the events and struggle that students have to go through to in different parts of the country to fulfill their demands. They emphasized on the fact that student community has a vital role to play in the future of our society. Today’s students would be tomorrow’s leaders and policy makers. So, it’s very important for the students to receive the best quality of education.  Later  it was decided that a memorandum should be forwarded to the higher authorities especially to the Hon'ble Governor with the support of all the religious organisations and the political parties.