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SRINAGAR: Residents of Astan mohalla village of Sofigund complaints that for the last five days, they are without electricity  due to the damaged transformer is lying as such without bothering the PDD officials,” residents of Sofigund village  said. Residents  urged officials of PDD  to intervene as for last five days the entire area has been reeling under darkness due to damaged transformer. “About One hundred households being provided electricity through this transformer have plunged into darkness.” locals added.

"The transformer was also meant for ziyarat sharif . The devotees who are coming here for night prayers suffers most", said members of local auqaf committee while talking to PTK . "We are losing our creative time, we are unable to focus our study in these chilky winter  and dark like curfewed nights, said group of students", they said. Meanwhile the locals also added that  the transformer was serving almost 100 households and due to damage of the said transformer we are facing hardship in this  harsh winters. “No one from the PDD is worried to remove the damaged transformer for repairs from last five days", they added. Meanwhile Harminder singh, junior Engineer JE PDD Tral when contacted said , we are in touch with the pdd cell to repair the transformer so as to mitigate the problems of common masses.

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