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JAMMU:  The First International Conference on “Recent Advances in Interdisciplinary Sciences"' organized by the Department of Electronics during January 11-12, 2019,   today  concluded.  The today's programme started with the first plenary lecture by  Prof. Ravi Silva-Director, Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) and Head of Nano Electronics Centre, The University of Surrey, UK who spoke in length about the Nanoscale design using hybrid organic-inorganics structures for electronics. In his talk is  said the demand for higher performance in electronic devices puts pressure on sustainable development and has driven industry to carefully examine optimum design routes for technologies. Design of materials at the nano-scale allows one to optimise device performance and increase efficiency of operations. When the wavelength of interest in the case of PV and photonic devices are also in the nano-scale, fundamental improvements can be made to the devices in terms of performance and power usage.  

The second plenary talk was delivered by Prof. Vijay K. Arora, Wilkes University, USA & IEEE-EDS Distinguished Lecturer, USA. In his talk he spoke about: Nanotechnology: Interdisciplinary Fusion of Science, Engineering, and Liberal Humanism.  After a brief introduction of transition from Ohm to Arora, he took the audience to IEEE theme of service to humanity with life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that transmigrated the soul of an Indian Dream into an American Dream as Indian spiritual values are being practiced in search for holistic lifestyle as America embraces yoga and meditation. He further said: One promise of nanotechnology is to prolong the human life in search for immortality (or gods and goddesses) by supplementing human priorities with technology. Interdisciplinary integration of science, engineering, and human sciences in search for liberal, social, and evolutionary humanism is emphasized and discussed for the betterment of humanity. His talk was highly appreciated by the audience.

The During the second session of the day four invited talks were delivered by Prof A.K. Mahajan from the Central University of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala, Dr. Dulen Saikia,  from Sibsagar College, Joysagar, Assam. followed by the talk of Dr. B. C. Yadav from BBAU, Lucknow and Dr. Rahul K Salunake from IIT, Jammu. In the third session two invited talks were delivered by Dr. Shah Jahan Wani fro the Cluster University Srinagar followed by the talk of  Lt Col A Bhradwaj from the Faculty of Communication Engg, Mhow. Overall more than 500 papers were presented in various sessions in this two day event which includes about 80 oral and more than 400 poster presentations. 

The todays proceedings were conducted under the overall convenership of Prof. Rakesh Vaid, HOD, Dept of Electronics and the convener of this mega event with the help of his team which includes Prof. Susheel K Sharma, Prof. Parveen K Lehana, Dr. Rockey Gupta, Dr. Rakesh Prasher, Dr. Devi Dass, Dr. Saleem Khan, Er. Vijay Sharma. The Jury members for this event includes: Prof. Raj Kumar Rampal, HOD EVS Dept, Prof. Lalit Sen, HOD, Dept of Computer Sc and IT, Prof. Namrata Sharma, HOD, Botany Dept, Prof. Kamal K Kapoor from the Chemistry Dept, Prof. S K Badyal, Prof. S. K. Khosa, both former HOD's from the Dept of Physics and Dr. B K Bajaz from the school of Biotech Univ. Of Jammu.

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