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MAJALTA:  Urging upon the people to gear up for ensuing elections to Parliament and State Assembly, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister said that time had come to teach a lesson to those who betrayed the voters by false narrative and deceptive slogans. He said that while the slogans of “corruption free dispensation” and “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” remained a distant mirage, the bold assertions of ‘Achhe Din’ too continued to remain mired in ambiguity.

The saffron rule witnessed uncontrolled inflation, steep rise in petrol and diesel prices, and demonetization which gave a stunning blow to the economy of the nation besides rattling the middle classes and lower income groups. He said that with pre poll promises having transformed into post poll somersaults, the disenchantment of the masses with saffron party had become more pronounced with each passing day. He was addressing a public meeting in villages Thalora and Chani-Mansar of Ramnagar constituency today.

With unemployment having assumed alarming proportions, the educated unemployed youth was the major causality of the central as well as BJP-PDP coalition rule. While announcements for creation of two crore Jobs every year were made by central BJP leaders, the delivery on the ground was in inverse proportion to the articulation of the promise itself. Not only the country faced large scale retrenchments after demonetization particularly in private sector but the govts failed to create and to fill up even the existing vacancies in the govt sector, he lamented. And contrarily, he said, the BJP-PDP govt issued the most obnoxious SRO-202 thereby causing immense embitterment amongst the educated youth. He said that the simmering discontent amongst the educated youth posed a major challenge which could have earth shaking consequences in the days to come.

Decrying the BJP for ignoring the issue of delimitation of Assemblies during its 3½ years rule, Mr. Singh deplored the neglect of every single issue of Jammu region which it had incorporated in its Election manifesto. Having failed to make even a mention of the delimitation of Assembly constituencies while in govt, the BJP leaders had started parotting the significance of the said issue after having lost power.

Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that while development took a back seat in the state during the previous regime, the culture of corruption grew by leaps and bounds and has become all pervasive. The menace of paid Transfers and political favouritism became the order of the day. Official Red tape and vested interest adversely impacted upon the efficiency and working of various Deptts with even the Governor acknowledging that files remained pending for months together without any movement, divulged Singh. The all-round chaos, mis-governance, non performance and patronized corruption in govt functioning necessitated changes in the political system and urged upon the people to overthrow the old and decayed political parties. He said that NPP had proved its mettle in both govt as well as opposition and it alone could steer the state out of crisis.

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