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SRINAGAR: Police has ordered a probe after a video went viral in which few cops were beating a woman in a Shopian village. The video showing police men manhandling woman at a village in south Kashmir’s Shopian district has started doing rounds on social media since Sunday morning. The police has taken cognizence of the video and initiated an enquiry. The incident has taken place in Karewa Manloo village of the district on Saturday night. A police spokesperson in a statement said that the police received a complaint from a man that his minor daughter was abducted by Rameez Khan of Shadab Karewa. Khan, according to the spokesperson, is already married.

The spokesperson said that as a police party raided the house of the accused to recover the abducted girl and they also found two other accused Mohsin Khan and Saleem Khan in the house. “While trying to effect the arrest of these accused, the other family members including women attacked the police to prevent them from effecting the lawful arrest of accused and successfully managed the escape of one of the accused,” a police statement said, adding that three police men suffered injuries in the attack. It further said the video is being probed and an inquiry is ordered to examine the conduct of the policemen.

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