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JAMMU: Physiotherapy Doctors today held a meeting under the banner of Jammu & Kashmir Physiotherapists Association (JKPA) to discuss the burning issues faced by various sections of fraternity members. The meeting was chaired by its JKPA State President Dr. Pardeep Mahotra and was attended by its senior members Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma, Dr. Deepika Saroj Kohli, Dr. Javed Giri, Dr. Vishal Sharma, Dr. Rahul Sharma, Dr. Vijay Kotwal, Dr. Neha Sharma, Dr. Isha Sharma, Dr. Sandhya Raina, Dr. Parshottam Lal and others.

It was made imperative in the meeting, that the community despite giving its best professional services to the mankind as a whole and to the state of Jammu & Kashmir in particular, is facing lot of burning issues. It was stressed that the issues need to be addressed promptly by bringing them in front of appropriate authorities.

Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, while addressing the meeting, stressed on quantification and standardization of the professional services across all the sectors, including government as well as private sectors.He said that the association will highlight the matter for the creation of specialized posts for the particular sections like neurology, orthopaedics, cardiology etc. for the benefit of ailing patients in the specialized institutions like District Hospitals, Government Medical Colleges, AIIMS etc.

In the meeting, it was unanimously decided to take up the issue of formation of “Physiotherapy Council” in the J&K state. The independent Council is utmost necessary for the maintaining as well as improving the practice standards of professionals, which has a direct bearing on the public health. It was also stressed in the meeting, that the Jammu division was denied rightful number of government posts despite repeated assurances on behalf of administration and decided that the matter will be forcefully taken with the authorities for justified distribution of posts in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh divisions. Pay anomalies in the profession, in government sector were also alleged in the meeting, with the request of creation of posts according to qualifications and putting them into justified grade payslabs. Matter of time bound promotion in the jobs was also taken up in the meeting.

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