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JAMMUAppealing the people of Jammu region to vote Panthers Party in the Lok Sabha elections to defeat the corrupt, opportunistic, communal and divisive forces, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister asked the electorate to gird up their loins for a decisive battle. He shall be filing his nomination papers before the returning officer for Udhampur constituency at Kathua on Tuesday, 26th March.   

Accusing all the parties including BJP, Congress, NC and PDP of relegating the politics to the gutter level, Mr. Singh said that these parties had been tried, tested and proved to be failure. “Public could no longer be duped and cajoled by the false assurances, fake promises and empty sloganeering. These political houses have maligned the meaning of electoral politics by persistent mudslinging, slandering and abusing each other with development nowhere in sight. BJP in particular which claimed to be ‘messiah’ of the people too utterly failed to redeem any of its pre poll promises doled to its electorates. It cheated the people on a host of other issues which translated their embitterment into anger and rage. Vote for us, vote for yourselves. Only we can assuage your pain and hurt psyche”, Harsh adjured the people.

Urging the people of Kathua, Udhampur and Doda to join the Panthers rally on Tuesday, 26th March, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh asked the masses to show the door to all those corrupt, communal and divisive parties which had one point agenda of satiating their power greed to realize loot and plunder of public money. He ridiculed the much proclaimed slogans of ‘corruption free government’ and ‘development’ and accused the govts, both central and state, of failure on both the fronts. He said that there was no sign of development on the ground and corruption had become rampant all across the State. “Gullible electorates who had been bamboozled and mesmerized by the lofty promises and rants of the Central and Kashmir based parties during the elections had recognized their real face and character. They were anxiously looking for an alternative to teach the Saffron Party a lesson”, Harsh said.

Claiming that Panthers Party alone was the true representative voice of Jammu region, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that it had provided a viable alternative to the people by launching aggressive campaigns for promotion of the interests of Jammu region from roads to New Delhi “Give us a chance. We promise to give strong and credible leadership to Jammu province. We are confident that we shall overcome provided we get your support. J&K has only three regional parties which are recognised by the Election Commission of India (ECI). While NC and PDP are Kashmir centric, Panthers Party is the lone recognised political party of Jammu region which can ensure justice to its incarcerated and highly marginalized Dogra land”, said Mr. Singh.

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