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JAMMU: Addressing media-persons, along with heads of different Sikh Organizations, Chairman of National Sikh Front (NSF) S. Varinder Jeet Singh, appealed to Sikh community voters to vote for BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections because this party has always worked for the benefit of Sikh community, while  Congress has always been anti Sikh in its approach and will always remain anti Sikh.

There was a very old demand of Sikh community of Jammu & Kashmir that a train should be started directly from Jammu to Takht Shri Hazoor Sahib, Nanded (Maharashtra), which was never fulfilled by any Congress government, but BJP government started Humsafar Express, full AC train, every Sunday from Jammu to Hazoor Sahib and will return on Friday from Hazoor Sahib to Jammu. Efforts of Dr Jatendra Singh, Union MOS in PMO and now party candidate for Udhampur Lok Sabha seat  were very important in starting this train on time.  We thank Modi Government for this gift to Sikh community.   Modi  Government included the story of Chaar Sahibzade of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji in CBSE history books, he added.

In  2017-18 Budget, Arun Jaitley, Union  Finance Minister,  announced Rs 100 crore on the eve of 350th Year Birth Celebration of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, with that amount Gurpurab celebration was organized in Patna Sahib in a grand manner,   which  was also attended by Prime Minister Modi.

Recently Central Govt. made  Fateh Memorial Park at Subash Nagar, Delhi Metro Station.  In this park, three  statues of Baghel Singh and Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and Jassa Singh Ramgarhia have been installed.  Former CM of Delhi Late Madan Lal Khurana once said in Parliament that in 1984 Congress committed Genocide  of Sikhs, it was not anti Sikh riots, it was ethnic cleansing of Sikhs.  Madan Lal Khurana gave second language status to Punjabi  when he was Chief Minister of Delhi. He also gave Rs 5 lakh as compensation to Sikh families who  suffered in 1984 riots. 

Atal Behari Vajpayee Government  gave Rs 300 crores to Khalsa Panth on completion of 300 years of Khalsa Panth birthday  and from that money Virasat-e-Khalsa has been established  in Anandpur Sahib. A large number of refugee Sikh Families of 1947 has been given 5.50 lakh each by the BJP Government. BJP  has done so much  for Sikhs  and the list is long.  

Congress had done genocide of Sikh community in 1984 after killing of Indira Gandhi and made every effort to save the culprits, who were involved. Even Congress gave them promotions and made them MLAs, MPs  even Ministers. Recent example of Congress promoting culprits of 1984 is Kamalnath, who has been  made Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh by Rahul Gandhi. Jagdish Tytler, KL Bhagat and Sajjan Kumar, every culprit was saved from  punishment and even given promotions. Even today,  if Sajjan Kumar is in jail, it is because of Modi Govt.   Kapil Sibbal and his son contested  the case of Sajjan Kumar to save him.  The judge who gave punishment to Sajjan Kumar said in his statement that Sajjan Kumar was saved for so many years because he had backing of government and money.

Some Sikhs of Jammu, who are affiliated with National Conference are supporting Congress candidate on the pretext of supporting  Gath Bandhan candidate. Sikh community is  well aware of their double standards and a true Sikh will never vote for Congress. Heads of Sikh organizations present in the Press Conference:- S. Kulwant Singh Bhatti, President National Sikh Front, Damanjeet Singh, Kathua, Jagdeep Singh, Kathua, Jaspreet Singh, Kathua, Sohan Singh, Kathua, Vardeep Singh, Minority Morcha,   H.S Pummy, Jat Sikh Awareness Society R.S Pura, S. Kuldeep Singh Khokhar, Ramgaria Sikh Chetna Manch, Randhir Singh Bali, President Kashmiri Sikh Sangat, S. Hardev Sikh, President Sikh Panchayat, S. Summer Singh, President Justice for Victims Organisation, Ramneek Singh, President, Be Aware Anti Sikh, S.Gurdyal Singh Bali,  Displaced Sikhs, S Gurcharan Sudan, President Banda Singh Bahadur Sikh Society, Gol Gujral, S. Nasib Singh, President Lubana Sikh Welfare Society, S. Kuldeep Singh and many others.

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