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JAMMU: Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron JKNPP & a Sr. Member of Supreme Court Bar Association expressed shock on Prime Minister, Modi’s statement he made in Kathua, J&K this morning that the PM forgot to mention BJP’s candidate in Udhampur Lok Sabha contest besides the PM failed to mention the failures of the BJP Govt. During its 16 years rule in India.

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed shock that a Prime Minister while speaking to the Voters of Jammu & Kashmir in Kathua completely forgot to mention that Jammu & Kashmir did not have tricolour flag rather is having a separate flag and the Constitution. The Prime Minister also forgot to mention the earlier blunders of the Congress govt. and present blunders by his own government.

Prof. Bhim Singh strongly criticized the Prime Minister for omitting the Instrument of Accession which was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh on 26th October, 1947 yet three subjects which Maharaja acceded to the Union of India have not been included into legislative jurisdiction by the Parliament of India which has been under the control of BJP for 16 years.

Prof. Bhim Singh accused the Prime Minister of India for his utter failure to expose the majority parties in the Parliament since 1950 till today (Congress & present rulers). NPP Supremo accused the Congress and the BJP who ruled the country for several years for ignoring to seek Constitutional measures to bring an end to the so called Jammu & Kashmir problem through the Parliament of India.

NPP Supremo expressed surprise that Prime Minister in his own speeches he made in Akhnoor on   29.03.2019  and in Kathua this morning did not say a word about extension of Constitution of India to the entire state of Jammu & Kashmir by the application of the Instrument of Accession as was done in respect of 575 states in 1949 thus giving birth to the Union of India. Jammu & Kashmir was kept out by the Congress and now by the BJP. Neither the Congress nor BJP has ever exposed the Anglo-American Bloc which planting Dixon Plan in 1951 vis-a-vis J&K to create communal divide. Why BJP follows the Congress in this regard? Are both following old CIA plan to dissect India on communal lines?

Prof. Bhim Singh called on the Voters in Jammu & Kashmir to defeat both the Congress as well as the BJP during the present Lok Sabha elections so that Indian Flag shall fly in the entire state of Jammu & Kashmir and the Constitution shall govern the state with all Fundamental Rights. He accused both the Congress and BJP for their blunders committed vis-a-vis Jammu & Kashmir during their rustic and corrupt rule.

Others who were present in the press conference included P.K Ganju (Sr. State Vice President), Adv. Bansi Lal Sharma (Advisor), Anita Thakur (General Secretary) & Surinder Wahi (Convenor Panthers Senior Citizens Council).


The Chief Election Commissioner of India

New Delhi


Sub:- Code of Conduct violated by Radio Kashmir & Jammu. Appeal for intervention.



I am taking this liberty to bring to the kind notice of CEC about violation of Election Code of Conduct by the Radio Kashmir, Srinagar – Urdu News (13th April, 2019 at 7.40 pm) Radio Kashmir & Radio Kashmir, Jammu (Dogri News) at 9.20 am on 14th April, 2019. Both bulletins are monitored by the Radio Kashmir which works under the control & guidance of All India Radio. Unfortunately it continues its name as Radio Kashmir (Not All India Radio).

That in both these bulletins which Broadcast news for 10 minutes said in Urdu Bulletin that, “there are two contesting candidates in Udhampur Lok Sabha seat in J&K. Dr. Jitendra Singh of the BJP is contesting against Mr. Vikramditya Singh son of Dr. Karan Singh and grandson of Maharaja Hari Singh. The same bulletin was carried in Dogri language also from Jammu in the morning bulletin in Dogri at 9.20 am on 14.04.2019. Both these bulletins are widely heard by the electorates in Jammu region also. I had no opportunity to hear other bulletins on other dates Broadcast from Jammu & Kashmir.

I would like to request Hon’ble Election Commission of India to take appropriate action against Radio Kashmir Srinagar and Radio Kashmir Jammu for violating the election Code of Conduct. Firstly it has mentioned in the state news (main news bulletin) of Radio Kashmir, Srinagar that there are only two contestants from Udhampur Parliamentary Constituency while ignoring the only recognized J&K National Panthers Party which is contesting the Lok Sabha constituency from Udhampur with Mr. Harsh Dev Singh as its Candidate. This continues propaganda by All India Radio Bulletins has harmed the Panthers Party as the NPP workers spread over nearly 16000 square kilometres have been misled. The CEC is urged to call for the script of these two news bulletins in particular from Srinagar and Jammu as well to ensure full justice to the contesting Panthers Party Candidates. So that the Radio Kashmir and Radio Jammu shall not work as tools in the hands of the Congress and the BJP Candidates. The JKNPP has been ignored with intension thus violating  the Code of Conduct. This is for justice and equity.



Yours Sincerely,


Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron – JKNPP & Sr. Executive Member Supreme Court Bar Association of India

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