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JAMMU: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) J&K pays its sincere tributes to the martyr RSS activist from Kishtwar Shri Chanderkant Sharma, the Prant Seh Sewa Parmukh, who was recently assassinated by terroriss along with his PSO Rajinder Kumar at Civil Hospital Kishtwar while on official duty in broad day light.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad condemns this cowardly act of terrorists and their handlers, and reiterates to the resolve of nationalism for which late Shri Chanderkant ji  was known as a leading torch bearer in erstwhile Distt. Doda. An RSS Swayamsewak since child hood, Shri Chanderkant ji served in various capacities while working to ensure the safety of nationalist Hindu minority community in erstehile Distt. Doda, he was also a force behind  ensuring to restrict the nefarious plans of separatists and their idiologues of a forced exodus of Hindus from this region. Vishwa Hindu Parishad, in J&K, will ensure that it will keep the torch of nationalism alive for which Chanderkant ji and a number of others have sacrificed their lives.

VHP, with an utter dismay and displeasure still waits to see them behind the gallows, those,  who are responsible for these brutal killings, and also the killers of Parihar brothers, eho are also still at large.  VHP demands upgradation and tightening of security in whole of J&K and requests for dealing with such elements without any show of mercy, as they don't deserve that, so as to instill confidence among nationslist Hindus living in these areas.

Such acts of terrorism  in erstwhile Distt. Doda are aimed to demoralise Hindus and also to force them for exodus from the area, like was done in Kashmir in 1989, but VHP wants to make it firmly clear that Hindu nationalist sociaty all over India is losing its patience and if the situation is not dealt with sternly, and culprits, as well as their sympathisers are not given examplary punishment in reasonable time, and if such acts of terrorism are not curbed; VHP fears that nationalist public may  not  respond to such elements and their supporters accross India directly.

Through the medium of press, VHP requests Hon'ble Governor of J&K to further strengthen the presence of security forces in J&K to eliminate the islamist Pak sponsored terrorists and their sympathisers in civil society and the administration. VHP also urges union government to provide all possible assistance of security forces and resorces to eliminate terrorism from J&K besides resetting of VDC's with modern weaponary and training in these regions without any further delay to fight and eradicate terrorism .

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