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Your Excellency, the UN Secretary General BAN Ki – moon

Your Excellency, I don’t know what was on your CV that qualified you for the highest post in the UN; but your letter written to Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan on 12 August 2016 is not impressive, as it exhibits poor understanding of history of Kashmir and India Pakistan relations.

In your letter to Nawaz Sharif, your Excellency wrote:

‘I appreciate the continued commitment of Pakistan to the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute for the sake of regional peace and security, as you affirmed in your letter. The United Nations remains convinced that it is only through dialogue that the outstanding issues between Pakistan and India, including on Kashmir, can be addressed ’

Your Excellency I request you to look at the following historic facts:

1.    Pakistan signed Standstill Agreement with the State of Jammu and Kashmir in August 1947. Pakistan violated the Agreement and attacked its weak and small neighbour on 22 October 1947, in which tens of thousands of people were killed, women raped and kidnapped. Please don’t tell me that Pakistan did this to resolve the Kashmir dispute peacefully.

2.    Perhaps, your Excellency has not read in history books that this Pakistani attack on Jammu and Kashmir culminated in to the first India and Pakistan war. I can assure your Excellency that this unprovoked Pakistani attack did not stabilise the region.

3.    Furthermore, I want to inform your Excellency that Pakistan sent thousands of armed men in Kashmir in 1965, with the code name of Operation Gibraltar; and this military adventure of Pakistan also resulted in India and Pakistan war of September 1965.

4.    I don’t need to tell your Excellency that this war also resulted in death and suffering of tens of thousands of people. This military adventure did not promote peace or stability of the region.

5.    Apart from the above, Pakistan is also a mastermind of the ongoing militancy and a proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir, which started in 1988, and the code name of this military adventure was Operation Topac.

6.    Your Excellency may know that this adventure has already resulted in death of more than hundred thousand people and immense suffering of the people, and massive human rights violations.

7.    I hope your Excellency is aware of many terrorist incidents which took place in India, and which brought both India and Pakistan close to a nuclear clash. However, I want to remind your Excellency that Pakistan promotes terrorism, violence and religious intolerance in Jammu and Kashmir.

8.    Your Excellency, I hope you remember that Pakistan also started another military adventure in Kargil; and that too nearly resulted in a nuclear clash between India and Pakistan.

9.    Your Excellency, in view of the above, how can you say that Pakistan is committed to ‘peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute for the sake of regional peace and security’?

I hope your Excellency will take note of the above facts and play some role in resolving the Kashmir dispute that there could be peace and stability in the region.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shabir Choudhry

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The prevailing conditions in the paradise on earth are proving to be more disastrous than one could imagine. The killing and injuring spree doesn't look to be reaching towards an end. The death and injuries toll is increasing every passing day. People are getting angrier and the men in uniform frustrated even further. The reports and videos coming in every day are both disturbing and scary. When the need of the hour is to think out of the box, the authorities seem to have lost the capability to think. The feeds coming in from Kashmir show the men in uniform beating people black and blue & destroying public property in the broad day light. The authorities seem to have deliberately shut their eyes and zipped their lips. It's been more than a month and a half yet the authorities seem to have no clue of controlling the situation and instead seem to have all the clues to turn the situation from bad to worse.
It is out of one's imaginary level as to why the injuries and death tolls are increasing every day and why the streets of Kashmir are being painted red and a Jhalian Waala Baag is repeated every day in Kashmir. It is impossible for one to understand as to why is it taking so long for the authorities to understand that the situation has worsened and is getting out of control due to their own policies and ill management. 
Kashmir is being turned into Karballa where People are being fired above the waist, tortured ruthlessly to death, ambulances being fired at, essential supplies like milk being stopped, fired to kill and not only that, in some areas even water supplies being stopped. Every possible way is being tried to crush the people protesting and demanding the application of the UN resolution passed decades before. The conspiracies of the highest order are being put in force to communalise the situation by different groups and the audience across the rest of the country and the globe are being misguided by portraying it as a communal conflict. 
Kashmir crisis is not new and is not as old as a month, year or a decade but the struggle for Jammu & Kashmir's freedom, self rule or whatever it may be called started way back in 1931 even before the birth of India and Pakistan. It is not confined to just Kashmir but the whole of undivided Jammu and Kashmir that includes Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Pakistan administered Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan. Most of the people across India and Pakistan who flood the social media with their expert comments I am sure do not even know the nature of the problem but only keep blabbering with their irrelevant impractical patriotism. The crisis  is more complex than it appears, it is just like a boiling volcano that keeps erupting slowly and gradually in parts. It is not an overnight made crisis and the parties to the crisis need to understand the nature of it and bite the bullet at some point of time in order to save this volcano from erupting at once and creating a Big Bang.
The administration can not afford to sit back, relax and watch an action film created on the streets of Kashmir for the last one and a half month. Egos need to be shunned, anger on the streets need to be calmed, the use of force needs to be stopped, an end needs to be put to brutalities, being wolves in the sheep skin needs to stop and an out of the box thinking needs to be put in to action. The need of the hour is to think critically and stop the streets from being painted red, the traffic to the the hospitals and graveyards needs to stop with an immediate effect and waiting for the genie to come and control it all needs to stop. Being mere spectators would not work and nor would waiting for the Darbar Move as the situation has gone out of the hands of the administration and the people especially youth are filled to brim with anger at its peak.
The fire that started early July is getting fuelled everyday and is broadening with every passing moment, the need of the hour is to put the think tanks into work and come up with some magic to control the situation. Curbing people's rights, night raids, destroying public property, killing, injuring, blinding, stopping essential supplies and turning the place into an open prison would not do any good but would worsen the situation that has turned from bad to worse even further. Everybody in their own capacity needs to play a role in saving Kashmir from turning  into ashes and the Paradise on earth into a crematorium.

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It's been more than 40 days of Kashmir being caged and turned literally into the largest prison in the world probably. I haven't seen such a situation or even heard of an example of such a scenario wherein a place is put under continuous curfew for over a month, where phone services are taken off, where internet appears to be a foolish dream, where media gets gagged, where everyday ends with a bundle of lies, where everything seems to be given a green signal and where everything gets justified in the name of law and order, where shooting is aimed to kill, where pellets have blinded completely or partially hundreds, where more than sixty are forced beneath the ground, where more than 7000 are injured, where logic has lost its meaning, where sense has lost its sense in complete sense, where streets are painted with blood of innocents, where protesting for rights is a crime, where PSA is a very common thing, where youth are forced to replace pens with guns, where one gets pressured n terrorised in the extreme level, where human rights get murdered every day, where people get tortured every minute, where people are even scared inside their homes, where justice is not less than a mirage, where ambulances are showered with pellets, where volunteers are stopped from volunteering to help, where people are beaten to death, where teens are no more scared of death, where essential supplies like milk and vegetables are being stopped, where selling fuel is being banned, where mourning has overtaken everything else and where what not is happening to crush the sentiment, I am talking about a place called Kashmir, yes the valley that has served as a home to saints and the valley that has been compared to the paradise by the nature lovers.
The Kashmir conflict is not a new addition to the modern history. It has a historical importance and rather has a history of its own which can not be ignored.  I as an individual kept quiet for last 41 days, not because of being scared of getting charged with a sedition case in the largest democracy in the world, but I experienced a mental trauma of such an order that just closed down the shutters of my thinking capacity, that took away my ability to get together a sentence to communicate the current situation to the closest possible. It has been undoubtedly the most difficult time of life for me and I am sure for many others like me where I was just a silent spectator till now when I finally break my silence.
The current tragic in Kashmir is beyond communicable and the mental trauma that every caged and non caged Kashmiri is for sure to have long term effects in their lives. It has for sure taken a lot more than the peace of mind, it has rotten the grey matter, it has numbed the capabilities to think, it has spoilt millions of brains for ever. Kashmir is in crisis and in dire need of psychiatrists and psychologists cent percent. 
The paradise on earth is bleeding continuously, and some say that time seems to have taken a U-turn and reached back 90's, but realists with a vision call it a situation that is even worse than that by 200 percent and the situation seems to be getting out of everybody's hand and reach. The movement clearly shows its leaderless nature, where in the leaders also are trying to save their image by keeping a close watch on their tongues. 
The mainstream polity that tried and did gain  public sentiment in past by living a wolf in a lamb's skin, already disappointed people in every manner since the day they got into power and proved their actual colours on the day one by choosing their alliance. They proved it all a well played political drama of 2010 to lead the protests against human rights violations, self determination etc etc. And then if there was anything left, they did the honours in the past 40 days by contradicting and confusing with themselves as if they are lost in a tsunami and trying to save their ship by being in the right books of Nagpur.
New Delhi has failed completely and facts remain facts that nobody can ever change.  The fact that J&K is a disputed territory can not be changed how much ever one shouts and screams it to be an integral part or India or Pakistan.  The fact that the freedom struggle of J&K started much before even the birth of either India or Pakistan can not be changed. The fact that the accession has been conditional and a referendum is the resolution that was decided before the accession to either babies of the British Bharat, can not be changed. 
India and Indian sponsored leaders keep shouting of everything to be normal and only some misguided people being responsible in addition to Pakistan for everything that is happening. For heavens sake have some sense and change the statement because if that is the case, why does India being a member of the UN, just diverts attention at all levels from the UN resolution of a fair referendum while as Pakistan (probably knowing that India wouldn't agree) highlights the issue at all international levels making the UN resolution the base and that's what is paying for them at the ground level, that is what creates a soft corner for them at the ground level, that is what makes their flag a part of everywhere at the ground level in the Indian Administered side, and that's what is creating a situation for them in Kashmir where in an Indian army jawan risks his life to replace the green and white with tri color, Pakistan for sure is outplaying India in winning the sentiment at least.
Kashmir is being portrayed in a manipulated manner across India, otherwise at least educated and realists wouldn't talk the way they do, they, I am sure would not live in denial with the history and would not support the denial of one's basic rights which their fathers and forefathers have fought for and shed blood for, there wouldn't be a debate on who to call a freedom fighter and who a terrorist? The right transparent truth needs to reach the masses, so that the hate mongers and propaganda masters are exposed once for all. The biggest reality of the nature of the conflict needs to reach the masses that it is a political natured conflict and religion has nothing to do with it, so people from either sides who are trying their best to give it a religious colour need to be exposed. Every body in their own capacity needs to play a role of communicating the truth to save the paradise from burning to ashes.