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SRINAGAR: Indian Journalist Barkha Dutt was trolled by Kashmiris for twisting facts about Kashmir highway ban. The Journalist seemed to unaware of the fact that there were no restrictions on civilian traffic on Wednesday, yet she posted a video on her Twitter handle claiming that she witnessed civilian traffic on the highway. “We travel on highway between srinagar and jammu to get a first hand sense of the much debated 'highway ban' (order closes highway twice a week with exemptions). Wednesday, today is a 'closed' day but we saw civilian traffic, including us, allowed on after multiple checks & stops,” Burkha Dutt tweeted with a 14 second video.

Twitterati from Kashmir and others accused her of twisting facts and asked her to either take down her tweet or express reality. In her tweet, Burkha Dutt had nowhere mentioned that due to movement of election staff, civilian traffic was allowed to pass through the highway, instead, she had come up with a vague sentence that she saw civilian traffic. Those who responded to her ‘diplomatic’ tweet included National Conference leaders Dr Bashir Ahmed Veeri, Tanvir Sadiq, senior journalist Yousuf Jameel,

After feeling heat from the netizens, Burkha Dutt tried to pacify them admitting that movement is restricted on the highway. Senior Journalist Yousuf Jameel reminded her that there was no ban on Wednesday and she chose a wrong day. “There's no ban on civilian traffic along the highway today. J&K authorities made an announcement to this effect this morning. You chose a wrong day for your story.”

National Conference leader Dr Bashir Ahmed Veeri wrote:” Local Kashmiri people are not allowed to even cross the high way on the days of restrictions. However tourists, outsiders, journalists are allowed randomly depending on their luck!!!! #Kashmir under complete subjugation!!!!” Senior photo journalist Javed Dar while accusing her of misrepresenting facts quipped this is how she misreports Kashmir after having wazwan. She should know that restrictions on highway has been lifted today because Srinagar and Budgam are going for polls tomorrow and election staff has to get EVMs and other election related stuff today in Srinagar.

“Gullible are the people who don't see you as an embedded journalist. You chose a day when (by the order of the govt) there is no ban on the traffic movement. These checks and stops are normal for Kashmiri's irrespective of #HighwayBan,” wrote a netizen. Majority of the netizens accused Burkha Dutt of misreporting about Kashmir. Dutt in another tweeted labeled Kashmiri as right wing to which a netizen replied: Don't fancy yourself as Independent Journalist.Please take down this misleading tweet. Your tweet is totally biased and far from facts.

Carin Jodha Fischer, a German American responded to the tweet of Burkha Dutt saying: "Wednesday, today is a 'closed' day but we saw civilian traffic, including us, allowed on after multiple checks & stops."" Makes Kashmiris sound like liars or exaggerators,” The profile of Fischer on Twitter reads: “My heart is buried in wounded Kashmir... German/ American who lived in IOK for ten years until exiled by Hindu Extremist regime in 2016. Nemesis: Ajit Doval”. Another non-local netizen wrote that she crossed the limits of hypocrisy.

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SRINAGAR: Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah on Thursday said that Modi government buries another part of the Vajpayee era confidence-building measures by suspended cross LoC trade. Taking to social networking site Twitter, Omar wrote: “The Modi Govt buries another of the Vajpayee era CBMs. Cross LoC trade was a legacy of the Vajpayee Govt decision to facilitate greater people to people contact across the Line of Control in J&K.”

“That the LoC trade may have been used by some traders for illegal activities was suspected for years now & it was to plug this that the state has been pleading for the installation of full truck scanners at the trade points,” Omar tweeted. “Rather than install the scanners the Govt has taken the regressive & highly unfortunate step of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Instead of saving the CBM they’ve decided to abandon it,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Sadly Vajpayee Sahib’s legacy of cross LoC CBMs & the resolution of the Kashmir issue within the framework of “insaniyat, jumhuriyat & Kashmiriyat” is being sacrificed at the alter of opportunistic populism,” Omar wrote on Twitter. Earlier Home Ministry ordered the suspension of cross-LoC trade via Salamabad (Uri) and Chakan-da-Bagh (Poonch) routes.

“The Govt of India has received reports that cross LoC trade routes being misused by Pakistan based elements. The misuse involves illegal inflows of weapons, narcotics & fake currency etc,” said the MHA, in an order. The order said the cross-LoC trade mechanism is therefore suspended till a stricter regulatory regime is put in place. “This is to ensure that only bonafide trade takes place, for the benefit of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, through this mechanism,” reads the order issued by MHA.

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JAMMU: The union Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered suspension of cross LoC trade at Salamabad and Chakan-da-bagh in the state pending putting into place of a stricter regulatory regime. This, the order says, is to ensure that only bonafide trade takes place for the benefit of the people of Jammu and Kashmir through this mechanism. The order further reads that the central government had received reports that cross-LoC trade routes in Jammu and Kashmir are being misused by some Pakistan based elements.

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