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NEW DELHI: NPP Supremo Prof.Bhim Singh has made a strong appeal to Shri Ramnath Kovind, the President of India to exercise his authority to promulgate Governor Rule in J&K and protect the innocent people from the wrath of guns which have gone into the hands of law breakers in J&K. He said that he made several appeals to the Govt. of India in this regard which have not been considered by BJP Govt. at the Centre for the reason that BJP has been ruling partner in the State for the first time and they would like to continue as long as they can manage.

NPP Supremo urged the President of India to watch/he must have been watching yesterday and today the bursting of bombs and kind of civil war on the roads of Kashmir. He said that present government has been fully exposed and stands nowhere except collecting salaries in the first week of every month. 90% people in Kashmir have gone insecured and children are on the roads. There is no law and order, may be, the police itself has surrendered to the will of the stone-pelters. The law and order is no where and almost 90% of the tourists are running away from Kashmir or have run away. There is total anarchy. Total failure of the law and order enforcing agencies. People have lost faith in the State Govt.

The Governor has been sending, it is assumed, daily reports on the situation to the Centre about the deteriorating situation in the State starting from Kashmir Valley. NPP made strong appeal to the President of India to exercise of power/authority which is vested in him under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution and Section 92 of J&K Constitution (J&K has separate Constitution). The Presidents earlier had also exercised such power as was vested in the President of India. The President of India does not need any sanction or proposal from the Govt. of India as the State of J&K is governed by J&K Constitution which is recognized by Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. The present government has literally collapsed, needs a long holiday and the Governor Rule should be imposed in the state so that law and order, at least, could be maintained and people guaranteed security of life. This will help restore normalcy in the state. This is the only way to save J&K, save the innocent people of J&K and defend the rule of law in the state.

The Prime Minister is urged to call ‘National Integration Council’ meeting of representatives of all recognised political parties including Hurriyat Conference leaders of Kashmir Valley. Many of them have been Members of the State Legislature and could not be denounced as separatists at the pleasure of the media and the section of political parties.