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JAMMU: Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Rao, a senior member of Movement for Peace, Equality & Justice in a press release issued here said that the people of the country expect from Prime Minister, Sh. Narinder Modi the strong Lok Pal for corruption free governance after amending the 2014 version of the bill in the coming Monsoon session.

The Lok Pal in true sense, as was stressed by Anna Hazare could not be implemented in real sprit because previously the politicians were not bold enough to take risk of including the Prime Minister, the Ministers, and the M.Ps etc in the Lok Pal as most of them were vulnerable. How could they let the axe fall on their own feet?

A few months before the Parliamentary election in 2014, when the congress smelt its defeat, the government did pass the Lok Pal bill but it was only an eye wash as it was a weak bill in which all the high-up’s were kept outside its purview & the process of complaints was made so complicated that no common man could dare take risk. 

As Prime Minister Modi is a spotless person and if he really & sincerely intends to create a corruption free society, he has nothing to fear. Let him do something in this monsoon session, which if not done now will never be done later.

So let him make hay while the Sun shines and get the strong Lok Pal established after amending the 2014 version of the bill. If he does so, no canvassing & advertising will be required for the 2019 election because this action will be itself the strongest advertisement & canvassing. This way the huge public money being wasted in advertisement can be utilized in developmental works.