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NEW DELHI: Prof.Bhim Singh, the Founder of J&K National Panthers Party who heads several social and humanitarian groups to promote the National Integration announced today that a historic conclave shall be held on October 26, the day Maharaja of J&K signed the Instrument of Accession of J&K with the Indian Union and October 27, the Lord Mountbatten, the Governor-General of India accepted the Instrument of Accession in 1947.

J&K like other 575 states signed the Instrument of Accession in 1947 and all the offers were considered by the Constituent Assembly. It turned to be a tragedy that the Constituent Assembly accepted the Instrument of Accession by all the states except the State of J&K. The Parliament introduced Constitution of India on January 26, 1950 inserting Article 370 in the Indian Constitution with a temporary provision—Article 370. The President of India was vested of absolute authority to amend any provision in Article 370. Article 370 did not/does not grant any authority or mandate to the Parliament of India to legislate in respect of any matter contained in Article 370. The President of India was vested with absolute authority to amend any provision in Article 370. This authority vested in the President of India became absolute on January 26, 1957 when the Constituent Assembly of J&K came to an end on this day as J&K Constitution was promulgated in the State of J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh resigned from the Legislative Assembly of J&K in 1981 protesting against the Resettlement Act passed by the State Assembly opening Indo-Pak borders allowing the return of those who had voluntarily migrated to Pakistan in 1947. Bhim Singh from the Assembly as well as from the Congress party protesting on the failure of the party to fight for the interest of the people of J&K. It was in this situation that Bhim Singh with several friends, colleagues, secular activists decided to form the Panthers Party in J&K to oppose the new legislation which threatened the unity and secular character of the State.

Prof.Bhim Singh told his friends that many of his old and trusted friends who had joined him launching J&K National Panthers Party have expressed their desire to get-together and strengthen the movement for the preservation of human and fundamental rights and promote the unity of the people of the State. He after consultation with his separate friends and old companions have decided to hold a historic convention of the founders of the Panthers movement in J&K in 1981. He said that many of them are no more but some of them are still active in different fields in J&K and elsewhere. He agreed with the old Panthers colleagues who had founded the Panthers movement jointly with a mission to ensure that every resident of J&K shall get the fundamental rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India.


Prof.Bhim Singh while interacting with his colleagues, friends and Panthers Party activists agreed to hold two-days convention of the Panthers Parivar on October 26 & 27, 2018. Maharaja Hari Singh of J&K had signed the Instrument of Accession of October 26, 1947. This Instrument of Accession has not yet been granted all benefits of Accession to the citizens of India residing in J&K as Permanent Residents even today.

The fundamental rights enshrined in Chapter-III in the Indian Constitution is not corporated in the Constitution of J&K. He announced that an organizing committee to hold this special historic session on October 26 & 27 this year in J&K. He also agreed that the founder members (1981) of the Panthers movement shall be entrusted the work to organize this historic convention. He also announced that all active members of the J&K National Panthers Party shall be invited to the session with a long-long call---What needs to be done to unite people in defense of democracy, peace and progress with a secular flag from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.