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JAMMU: A Press conference was held here today, the 10th Feb. 2016 by the Bal Sanskar Wing of Sant Shri Asha Ram Bapu’s Ashram Bhagwati Nagar Jammu in connection with the celebration of “Parents Worship Day” on 14th Feb, 2016 as a substitute of “Valentine Day” a day which has brought havoc among the teen-agers and youth ever since its inception by Mr. Valentine.

Presenting a flower to the opposite sex and proposed by uttering “I Love You” is a bad ceremony of the Western World and has spread its tentacles in India as well to an alarming extent; thereby spoiling the career of youngsters before they blossom. Several thousand become pregnant, a considerable number of girls go for abortion and an innumerable teenagers fall a prey to sexual practices and thereby subjected to lead a purposeless, aimless and a miserable life worst than a hell. To snub this practice of celebrating Valentine Day which is a black lash on “Bhartiya Sanskriti”; Pujya Bapu ji stepped forward a decade ago and after through contemplation put in place “Mattar Pujan Diwas” (Parents Worship Day).

His holiness could not tolerate the dangerous impact of this day among the youngsters and thus held conferences of saints to change the mind set of teenagers by substituting this day of 14 February by  “Parents Worship Day”. His holiness quotes Lord Ganesha as an exemplary character of wisdom who circum ambulated his parents Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati ji to win a bet from his elder brother “Kartika” as to who among the two completes the round of globe first. Over this “Kartika” moved forward on his “Mayur” without losing time while Lord Ganesha after a little meditation  applied his wisdom and through it prudent to circum ambulate his parents seven times. He did so and besides winning the bet attained the blessings of his parents to be worshipped first among all deities.

From this legend, the youngsters shall not only respect their parents, teachers and elders but also safeguard their character because “good values” (Sanskar) never go waste.With the inspiration of Pujya Bapu ji, the day of 14th Feb is being celebrated every year as “Parents Worship Day” in India and abroad. It would be pertinent to mentioned here that Hon’ble MLA and State President BJP Shri Sat Sharma CA together with Hon’ble Minister of State for Edu. Smt. Priya Sethi has very kindly consented to participate as “Guest of honours”.Besides Swami Shri Dinesh Bharti ji shall be the chief guest of this programme and would also enthral the participate with religious sermons. The programme shall commence at 10:00 am and last up 02:00 pm.  Bhagwati Nagar Ashram Samiti invites the public in general and “Sadhak Parivar” in particular to come along their children and see how this programme is celebrated and leaves and everlasting impact over the children.

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