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SRINAGAR: The Burn Hall students in a message that has gone viral have expressed shock over the behaviour of school management for raising objections over their offering of prayers in the school premises.  ‘Brun Hall Trolls’, an account on Instagram has come up with a video showing students offering prayers in the school premises. Along with the video a message has been posted that is shocking in nature.


The message reads that the Burn Hall School management today showed their true color by making students forcibly stand in cold lobby after they offered Zuhar Prayers in the school premises. “They (school management) accused us of bunking the classes and acting like we were praying. They kept us in the school lobby for the whole period where we sat on the cold floor,” the students alleged.


According to students more shocking were words from female Vice Principal who said: “Aaj Nimaz Padhi Hai, Kal Gun Uthawo Gay” (You offered prayers today and tomorrow you will take to arms).  “They penned down our names and admission numbers as well,” alleged the students. Properly mentioning the name of the Vice Principal, the students said that it was shocking to hear from her that: “Allah and Azan don’t serve anything.” All efforts to contact Vice Principal Burn Hall proved futile.