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JAMMU: BJP National Vice President, former MP & Jammu Kashmir Prabhari, Avinash Rai Khanna, has greeted the people of the State on commencement of auspicious month of Ramzan from today. Extending his greetings, he said may this auspicious occasion herald the beginning of happiness, prosperity, progress and peace for all citizens and also those who would be observing fast for entire month.

Khanna said while during this holy month all devouts would offer prayers and seek blessings from Almighty, Ramzan is also synonymous with acts of charity to poor & deprived and above all forgiveness. Like in other parts of the world, the Muslim community awaits with keenness and piety for this pious month for it gives them an opportunity to connect with Almighty and observe the rituals of faith, gratefulness gestures.

While hailing decision with regard to ceasefire of anti militancy operations in Kashmir, Khanna said it must be lauded by all and reciprocated by ranks of militants during this month and they should not indulge in any kind of violence and bloodshed.

However, this has come as an opportune time for the youth in particular who have been misguided and blindfolded by elusive and impracticable promises by the elements inimical to their progress. They must shun this path for ever and this month should come as a light in the darkness for them to come into mainstream, Khanna said.

The youth should realize that this path would lead them nowhere and it is high time they contribute towards peace and progress of the state, a decision which will prove turning point in ensuring their bright future, besides resulting in nation building. Holy month of Ramzan should come as end of dark era and guide all misguided people towards right direction, he added.