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His introduction has remained itself a big maneuver. He has been introduced to mankind by all the prophets from Adam to Jesus Christ.Every divinely scripture has introduced him. Every theological approach has been used to introduce him. Gnositic, philosophic, poetic, scientific,Historic, politic, eulogic, in fact in every approach he stands  introduced to mankind.However the main two approaches are  gnostic  and philosophic.

To the present world the best way to  introduce him is to  preach His teachings but not  theologically only. In other words he must be introduced practically to the humanity.I mean  applied approach needs be adopted to introduce him.

All the present day issues and human sufferings have the cure in His teachings. Peace,tranquility, equality, all such social values have been thread barely taught by him. His teachings are not only theoretical but have been imparted to the society in practical manner.

Todays burning issues whether it is economic,social,moral or political are taught in His school by applied approach.The concepts like gender equality,property sharing,charity  ( Zakat, khumus),marriage,divorce, delivery of justice,forbidding of extravagance,war principles, peace treaties,sending of ambassadors,letter correspondence with neighbouring state heads, mutual respect,mutual understanding all such exercises are the extraordinarily applied social aspects of His teachings.The commandment to exercise annual pilgrimage (Hajj)is a unique example to observe universal brotherhood and equality in its true essence. Aparthied has no room in His school of thought. Social classes are never considerable in His school of thought. The commandment to utterly submitting to Allah's will, provides an individual personal peace and altogether an ideal society.He has called His society "Dar-as-salam" the house of peace. 

His teachings has played a pivotal role in uplifting human moral values,devising solutions regarding psychological complexities and psychic phenomenon, character building and mutual understanding among different fibers of the society.It testifies His teachings has been the integrated and inseparable part of social development and cognitive evolution. His teachings have very noticeable impact in all areas of human learning and development. 

 Almighty has also introduced him in the very applied approach. As the Quran introduced him " You have indeed in the prophet of God a good example for those of you who look to God and remember God always "33: 21.

The requirement is to follow His teachings in letter and sprit. Subsequently the necessary and important values are inculcated in the human beings to prosper and flourish on all fronts.On educational front he has taught the mankind  to read the nature with all it's complexities.He asks the man to travel throughout the planet and read the happenings of past and explore the avenues for future. 

 The holy book "Quran" bestowed to him  by the Lord is most remarkable miracle of human History. It has been the most perfect,long lasting  and wonderful book of the world.The book has no match as its revealer. 

To present a poetic but precise introduction of him let me quote Allama Iqbal's following couplet. 

وە دانائے سبل, ختم الرسل,مولائے کل جس نے

غبار راە کو بخشا فروغ وادی سینا

نگاہ عشق و مستی میں وہی اول وہی آخر

وہی قرآن وہی فرقان وہی یس   طہ

While going through the gnostic approach I am able to present His introduction as;

Everything in the cosmos got the reason  to exist. 


Got the rare pearl to get its  radiance.The celestial masses got the space to exist simultaneously. Motion got direction to be specific. Revolement got the axis to be providential.The solids got the weight to be balanced.The gravity occurred all-around to keep things splendidly suspended.The gases enveloped the earth to make it unique. The environment became spacious to accommodate the moving.Components of ecology became proportionate to comfort the living.Flora and fauna got variations to become the identity . Oceans got the depth to be voluminous. Winds got movement to prove substantial.Material got the formations to be classified. solids got strength to be visualized.

Air got the flexibility to carry the clouds.liquids got flow to stream throughout.soil got fertility to produce the grains. Sun evolved in fission and fusion to be source of energy . Water got evaporation to resurrect above. Clouds condensed to irrigate the herbs.Earth tilted to make the seasons. Seasions became successive to make it a habitat.Distance got the magnitude to be astronomical.The stars got inflammation beyond to be estimated. The planetary got soberly to manage our being. Human got the wisdom to acknowledge the credibility.Individuals got behaviour to make the society moral.Weak got shelter stronger the resolute. Predecessors got the admirer, successors  the appointing.The books got reference and perfection the words.The brave got encouragement the proclaimer nullifying.Messages became divinely &  books the holy. Places became worthy and belongings the relics.The intellect reached its zenith the knowledge the optimum.Observance of infinity in a moment proved time dilation. 

Human beings got the respite.


 Philosophers got the thought, gnosis the sprit , scholars  the wisdom , Historians the stories ,scientists  the observations, archivists  architecture, astronomers symmetry , orators the quotations , artists the aesthetics ,poets the imagination , writings the meaning , lovers,the beloved, eagerly the ardent and theologians the theology.

  One could never relinquish here ; 


Truthfulness overcame falsehood, righteous overcame viciousness, enlightenment overcame darkness,knowledge overcame ignorance, patience overcame cruelty, generosity overcame stinginess ,development overcame the destruction,satisfaction overcame the depression,hope overcame the despair,principles overcame irregularities,recognition overcame ambiguity.

The life became meaningful as an opportunity with all optimism. Infact every good value got established as a guardian to humanity. 

 Infinite creation reached to its ultimate .

Most likely this is why the "CREATOR" revealed ,

"laqed khalaqnal insana fe ahsine taqweem"

  We are right, when we repeatedly and continuously recognize ourselves as His followers and slaves ; right on  the birth date of him.With  all our joy, pleasure, reverence and regards for him let us reaffirm to follow him "our ideal", "the most perfect man of this universe" at every instant of life.

As a society we have to stand United with all groomed in values which our ideal has desired to brought up us with. 

We have to be on forefront on all fronts to lead the mankind. Not only we have to produce good theologians, orators, reciters, poets, kings but  professional individuals, medicates, physicists, chemists,scientists, professors, philosophers,astronomers, engineers,researchers,agriculturalists, business tycoons, IT masters, economists, generals, Journalists.we have to strive to become not only consumers but manufacturers. We have to establish world class universities and research centres. We have to excell to manufacture right from aspirin to antidote, from cartridge to space shuttle, from boat to submarine,from kite to fighter planes,from toys to smart phones, from calculator to super computers, from bicycle to bullet trains,we have to learn again to lead. 

It is all possible and has already been initiated at different levels. It can't be no latter  provided we  try to lit  our wits, conscience and intellect  from the lamp  imparting it's luminescence from the source of "Tawheed", "Rislat"  &" willayat".

May this piece  appear  to you a glittering present  on this auspicious occasion. 

As a believer I wish our belief is  presented before our Ideal in the most piety, noble and pure form

تو معنی و النجم ، نہ سمجھاتو عجب کیا

ہےتیرا مدوجزر ابھی چاند کا محتاج




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JAMMU: Governor Satya Pal Malik has greeted the people on the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Dev’s Birthday. In a message of greetings, Governor described Guru Nanak Devji as an apostle of peace and tolerance whose teachings would continue to inspire generations, leading them to the path of righteousness and brotherhood. He said that Guruji strove all his life for promoting social justice and equality and to bring about peace and harmony among the communities.

Governor hoped that the celebration of this auspicious event would contribute towards strengthening brotherhood and communal harmony and would be a harbinger of peace, progress and prosperity in the State.

Chief Secretary, BVR Subrahmanyam has greeted the people of the State on Gurupurab, 549thbirth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. In his message, Chief Secretary described Guru Nanak Dev as an apostle of peace and tolerance and said his teachings would continue to inspire generations, leading them to the path of righteousness and brotherhood.

He expressed hope that the occasion would further strengthen brotherhood, communal harmony, amity and secular traditions and would be a harbinger of peace, progress and prosperity for Jammu and Kashmir and its people.

Director General of Police (DGP), J&K, Shri Dilbag Singh has greeted the people of the State, all ranks of police, besides their families and families of martyrs on the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Birthday. In his message, DGP expressed hope that this auspicious occasion would usher the state towards peace, progress and prosperity, strengthen the bonds of communal harmony and brotherhood which have been the hallmark of the glorious heritage of Jammu and Kashmir. The DGP has prayed for well being and prosperity of the people of the state.

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ALIGRAH: The Students of Aligarh Muslim University participated in the Juloos-e-Mohammadi today in huge numbers. The participants were seen holding flags with slogans like “Allaho Akbar” and “Labbaik Ya Rasulallah”. The international theme of love and peace “Rouhamaa o Bainahum” was also propagated by the students in the procession. The procession was organised by the MSO unit of the university.

Many speakers delivered eloquent speeches at the Vice Chancellors lodge, Baab-e-Syed and Strachey hall and spoke about the different aspects of the virtuous personality of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). “The life of Holy Prophet is a beacon of guidance for all the humans, he is ‘Rahmatul-lil-aalameen’ which means he is not Rehmat just for Muslims but for the whole world” said Murtaza, a university old boy.

The procession started from the Art gallery of the university and commenced at the Strachey hall of the university where the students prayed for the peace and harmony all over the world. The participants also distributed sweets and chocolates to the passer-by as a token of love and sharing happiness.

Earlier , The Seerat Committee, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) celebrated the Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi with fervor and gaiety by organising a special function at the Kennedy Hall Auditorium.

However, the Maulana Azad Library, AMU also organised a Seerat Exhibition of books, manuscripts, and artefacts. The exhibition was organised under the guidance of AMU Librarian, Dr Amjad Ali. An Islamic Calligraphy exhibition organised by the K A Nizami Centre, which had works of Diploma in Calligraphy students on display is a major highlight of the day.

On the occasion of 12th Rabiul Awwal, an exhibition has been organized at Maulana Azad Library of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). The books on Seerat (biography of Prophet Mohammad PUH), Quraniyat, rare and illuminated copies of Holy Qur’an and specimen of Quranic calligraphy were put on display at the exhibition.