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SRINAGAR: Amid curbs and traffic chaos, police on Wednesday foiled Muharam Processions by detaining scores of mourners. The main Muharam procession was scheduled to be taken out from Karan Nagar to Dalgate, however,  authorities had erected barricades and deployed contingents of police and troopers to foil the procession. Reports said that police used mild force to disperse the mourners who appeared near Shaheedganj, Karan Nagar, Chotta Bazar, Habakadal, Abi Guzar and Dalgate.


The restrictions had been placed mostly in some areas of Shaheed Gunj, Karan Nagar, Maisuma, Kothibagh, Sherghari, Kralkhud, Batamaloo and Ram Munishi Bagh police stations. After the outbreak of militancy in Kashmir, authorities have not allowed the processions since 1990. Heavy deployments of police and paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in full riot gear had been deployed in the parts of Kashmir capital Srinagar.


Pedestrian and vehicular movement had also been suspended. However, official sources told CNS that this was a precautionary measure to maintain law and order. Restriction were imposed in major parts of the  civil lines areas as well. These included Residency Road, Maisuma, Abi Guzer, Lal chowk, Budshah Chowk, Hari Singh High Street, Jehangir Chowk and Batmaloo had been closed by the Government forces.


Despite restrictions, scores of people tried to take out the processions at Shaheedgunj, Batamaloo and Karan Nagar areas of Srinagar city. However, their attempt was foiled by police. Scores of mourners who tried to defy restrictions were detained by police. They were lodged in different police stations of the city. A group of youth from Shaheedgunj locality, defied the restrictions and tried to take out a procession towards Dalgate. When the youth reached near Jehangir Chowk, they were stopped and send back.


A similar Moharram procession was taken out from the nearby Karan Nagar area that was also foiled by police. Police also foiled procession at Batamaloo. Police arrested several mourners and lodged them in police station Batamaloo. Normal life in different parts of Srinagar city was affected due to processions and the restrictions. Police used force and fired scores of tear-smoke shells to disperse the mourners in Dalgate and on MA Road. They also thrashed a photo journalist Shah Jehangir when he was performing his professional duties.


The 8th Muharram procession would traditionally start from Guru Bazar and Shaheedgunj areas of the Srinagar’s downtown and pass through Maulana Azad Road and Residency Road to end at Dalgate. However, since 1990, authorities have disallowed Muharram processions in uptown areas while smaller congregations in localities of downtown Srinagar and in the outskirts are allowed.

Anjuman Shari Shai organized multiple Muharam processions across Kashmir Valley. Thousands of mourners participated in Zuljina procession that was carried out from Madeen Sahab Zadibal area of Srinagar city. Besides, Zuljina processions were taken out at Abadpora, Awadawra, Bogha Chhal, Astan Sharif Wuyen Chadoora, Palar Budgam, Malik Gund Chatargam, Astanpora Sikandarpora, Gulshan Bagh Batakadal, Khomeni Chowk, Awdeena, Zalpora, Gund Nawgam, Sonaburn, Inderkoot, Gawmadao, Kehnpeth, Chhalipora and other areas.


Anjuman Shari Shian President and senior separatist leader Aga Syed Hasan while condemning the use of force on mourners said that authorities welcome Yatris during Yatra but thrash mourners for organizing peaceful religious processions. “It is direct intervention into the religious affairs that is highly condemnable. The curbs on these processions are uncalled for and need to be lifted without any delay.” he said and added that a conspiracy is being hatched to create a wedge between Shia and Sunni Muslims in Kashmir.   A huge procession was taken out in Kargil district of Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Hussain Ibn Ali, the martyr of Karbala, the grandson of Prophet was mercilessly martyred by the forces of Yazeed ibn Muwavai on 10th of Muharam. He stood against a huge army with just 72 valorous followers and other family members. The motive of his uprising and stand against the Yazeed was neither to capture power nor for any kind of greed rather it was revolutionary and for reformation of the society. So Hussain’s stance and stand on the land of Karbala was not against any individual, Yazeed, but against his evil actions, behaviour , ideology, wrong interpretation of Islam (as introduced by ISIS and their ally terrorist organisations and supporting agencies like Israel in the contemporary world).

Hussain stepped towards a revolution despite knowing that he has to face grave problems, obstructions, difficulties and hardships in it. The spiritual aim of Hussain was not to look how an individual is praying to God (whether he is leaving his arms down or not) but he raised his voice against the tagooti (devil and cruel) and tyrannical powers that had just become a blemish on Islam by introducing heretic and schism in Islam. Hussain himself had clarified it in his will which he left to his brother, Muhammad Hanafiyyah, before departing from Medina to Karbala he says, “I have taken this stand not out of arrogance’ or pride, neither out of mischief or Injustice. I am not making mischief, nor exercising oppression. But I have risen for the sole goal to seek reform in the community of my Grandfather. I would like to bid good and forbid evil.”


What is the meaning of commemorating the sacrifice of Hussain and his followers every year on Aashura what does these processions meant? Is Azadari and the Hussain’s Stand limited only to the land of Karbala and against Yazeed? The event of Karbala is not limited to any particular period, time or a piece of land but it is applicable to the whole world at all times from past to the contemporary terrorized, subjugated, hegemonized (people under hegemony) and suppressed world-Hussain is the voice of suppressed. It can better be defined by Hussain Ibn Ali himself that every land is Karbala and every day Aashura when one’s rights were being violated and tyranny is common. 

It was a spiritual, courageous, intelligent and sensible stand for self-respect and self recognition of the people, to recognize just and erroneous things around us and make people conscious and observant about our rights and happenings around us and to judge justice and injustice. His stand was Islamic stand to deliver every human being its rights and to live a dignified life which is a natural right and cannot be abrogated by any so called sovereignty (state authority). But some self styled elite corrupt and greedy Muslim rulers tried to dilute the real meaning and the path of Islam in the greed of power. Imam Hussain being the sole guardian of Islam at his time stood against all the evil actions of Yazeed to save and reform the diluted Islam and stood against the sword of Yazeed to challenge his dynastic and monarchical rule.

Imam Hussain fought with his character against the sword of Yazeed. He confronted power with powerlessness and practically exposed defined the oppression of Yazeed by getting sacrificed and victim of barbaric treatment of Yazeed. He is worth remembering as he proved his worth by tolerating the ultimate level of violence by sacrificing all his nears and dears to save the religion of his Grandfather Prophet Muhammad. So Hussain stood against all kind of violence and terrorism at all time whether it was 1400 years ago or it is present colonial and hegemonic rule or violence of terrorist organisations.

The Almighty introduced and bring Islam to give respect, dignity, liberty, freedom and magnanimity to human being. Islam doesn’t believe on subjugation and hegemony rather it believes on freedom, liberty, equality, justice, fraternity and brotherhood. There is neither master nor slave, neither bourgeoisie nor proletariat rather everyone is equal   in the eyes of law and fundamental set of beliefs framed by Almighty in the shape of Quran. Islam aims at to take us out of ignorance, disgrace, dishonor and gift with respectable and graceful and dignified life. It wants to take us out of clutches of slavery, bondage and serfdom and to give us courage to garnish and frill very high in the atmosphere of freedom and liberty. Those who believe and adjusted these principles in their behaviour never bows down in front of anybody except the almighty  and those who bows down in front of Allah never bows and accepts anybody else. For them everything is the Constitution set up by the Almighty. These persons are called as absolute self as Iqbal mentioned in his Philosophy of Self  that these people are vice-regents  of Allah “ Rise the self or ego in the direction of attaining exalted heights, the heights at which Almighty Himself begins to take wishes, hopes and aspirations of the human being into account before formulating His decree.”

Ashura is not only that day when Hussain was martyred rather every day is Aashura and every land is Karbala where such kind of oppression, tyranny, evils, subjugation and violation of rights is common. Then Hussain has to stand and raise his voice against injustice, cruelty and subjugation- whether it is Palestine, Kashmir, Yemen, Hazaras of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Azadari (mourning on imam Hussain) is not only to meant to mourn rather it has a deep ideology and logic behind it, it means to protest and fight against the oppressive and tyrannical rule throughout the world. Hussain categorically had left a lesson for us that we should give rise to Ashura while looking on the present Karbala and Yazeed and we should not see whether the victim and oppressed ones are Muslims or of same sect, or Non-Muslims, rather Islam and Hussain gave us lesson that we should neglect and avoid these things and oppose the oppression and innocent Killings and stood for good of the humanity in general. There are many places in the contemporary world where people are being oppressed and mercilessly killed by tyrant and oppressive rulers for nothing more than asking for their rights especially Muslims of Burma, Palestine and Kashmir, Yemenis and Hazaras.  

We are being put in the veil of ignorance by giving lessons of remaining silent and non-resistant against the oppressive rulers, to hide the truth and reality, to compromise with cruel and barbaric rulers merely that we have the right to practise our religion and belief but no right to speak against injustice and tyranny which Hussain had categorically denied. There will never be a compromise between Hussaniyat and Yazediyat  Today we are seeing how people are being Killed and martyred by terrorist organisations both Non state actors like ISIS, Lashkar Jhangvi and Sipahe Sabha and state crafted terrorists like Israel, Indian Army and Saudi Army in Yemen.

People are being treated merely as beasts as and even more inferior than animals. In Kashmir thousands of Youths have lost their eyesight, many womens lost their honor, people find the native straights and lanes full of difficulties, hindrances to walk, their homeland   begin to look them as someone’s possession. The people of these territories have not any right to self determination, right to dignity, right to speak; they are just as dumb to speak. In Hazara area of Pakistan and Afghanistan Mosques, Schools are being targeted, in which thousands of innocent and precious lives lost for nothing more than belonging to a different community. Yazeed is still present in the blood of many people but Hussain is always alive to defeat him by his character and stand.

The historic and tragic tragedy of Karbala is full of lessons for us.  The Karbala gave us lessons of activism, awareness bravery and courage (by Zainab binte Ali and his sister Ume Qulsoom), self-sacrifice, unity and integrity, honesty and obedience (Abbass’s obedience and patience) and patience.  It teaches us to differentiate between justice and injustice between right and wrong. It is the Karbala which gives us the right to dignified life, right to liberty and stand against injustice and cruel and despotic rule. Karbala left for us that there is and will be victory of blood over sword and Karbala is indeed victory of humanity. 

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BUDGAM: Anjuaman Shari Shian organized mourning processions in wake of Muharam in different parts of Kashmir Valley. Thousands joined the procession at Qadeemi Imambara Hasanabad to pay rich tributes to the grandson of the Prophet and commemorate his martyrdom. The procession carried through the interiors of Kathidarwaza Srinagar that was attended by members of Shia-Sunni Coordination Committee and civil society members. In his address Anjuman Shari Shian president and senior separatist leader spoke about the Karbala Martyrs and said the Shia-Sunni unity is a strong bond. He said that Imam Hussain (A.S) sacrificed his life for the glory of Islam.