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As the Govt Schools are closed for for the last 4 months which has cost huge loss of career of poor students, students have lost precious period of their life without education. When the time has reached for the students to attend the classes they have been still forced to wait for one month again because the teachers have been deputed to conduct examinations of 10th and 12th classes interesting thing is that the teachers of

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JAMMU: Doesn’t matter who is in power or who at present holds the charge of Education Ministry, for Technical Staff (responsible for updating of official website) of Directorate of School Education Kashmir, former Deputy Chief Minister, who was holding the charge of Education Ministry, is still Education Minister while Secretary Education is Hirdesh Kumar, Adl. Secretary R.A Inqallabi and former Director Mir Tariq who has been transferred is still Director. This can be confirmed by visiting the link ( as being displayed at 01:17 AM, March 7, 2015.

As at, 01:17 AM March 7, 2015 , the state of the site says, the site has not been updated for a long time and the contact details given for many officials are not correct as majority of them have either been promoted or transferred to other places on different posts.

It is presumed that the list of PIOs under RTI Act was never updated from the date it was uploaded, while many of the ZEOs as displayed in the list have been promoted and posted at different locations. This site is not updated so what shall the visitors expect after visiting the page in search of information.



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JAMMU:  Within no time , Education Department activated its ‘Geeks’ after the JK Monitor pointed out laxity on the part of its concerned staff responsible for updating the content of its official website with day to day happenings at official levels.

The technical ‘know-how’ of the concerned staff can be judged with the impressive and quick action of mapping the earlier link (  with  (

The response of the concerned quarters is appreciable and praiseworthy and it is further hoped that other departments will take a queue and follow by keeping the sites up-to-date with latest updates daily for the convince of common people who are becoming more and more dependent on internet each passing day.




The story goes this way---


Ch Rashid Azam Inqalabi - Additional Secretary or Special Secretary ?

JAMMU: Though he got promoted and transferred long back from one post to other and was recently posted as Special Secretary to the Government, ARI and Trainings Department, but due to inefficiency or say lethargic approach of the concerned responsible for maintaining the official website of Jammu and Kashmir Education Department,  and laxity on the part of authorities, Choudhary Rashid Azam Inqalabi (KAS), is still Additional Secretary to Government in School Education Department as displayed by the official website on March 6, 2015.

Now doubt about a year back he was Additional Secretary to Government in School Education Department but since he was transferred to different positions like Special Secretary Education, DC Ramban, Director School Education Jammu and recently Special Secretary and Trainings Department but when it comes to the information available on official website of School Education, his designation and place of posting as static (unmoved).

The men at top of the Education Department responsible for education the children and producing builders of the nation, shall not feel ‘good’ after reading this pinpointing piece of report, but the reality is all visible to one and all just a click away @ (

In-fact this is an eye opener for all those Government Departments who have billed the government exchequer with handsome money against the website development or utilised the services of National Informatics Centre (NIC) and posted some able computer knowing people for keeping the site up to date so the visitors can access to the recent and updated information.

May be few orders would have been updated but those who surf the site from time to time to get themselves updated with latest developments even today are not only misinformed but also denied access to the right and correct information.

For the information of concerned authorities and our readers, it will be relevant to mention here that it was Government Order No.230–GAD of 2014. Dated: 25.02.2014:  According to which Choudhary Rashid Azam Inqalabi, KAS, Additional Secretary to Government, School Education Department, was posted as Special Secretary to Government, School Education Department.

Later on July 16 2014, Choudhary Rashid Azam Inqalabi, KAS, Special Secretary to the Government, School Education Department, was transferred and posted as Deputy Commissioner, Ramban, Followed by another Government order of October 17, 2014  according to which  Choudhary Rashid Azam Inqalabi, KAS, awaiting orders of posting, was posted as Director, School Education, Jammu.

Recently on 27 January 2015, Choudhary Rashid Azam Inqalabi, KAS, Director, School Education, Jammu, has been transferred and posted as Special Secretary to the Government, ARI and Trainings Department. But interestingly the official site of Education Department still shows this officer as Additional Secretary to Government Education Department and displays his phone number and photo too.

Similar is the case with other department sites, who despites having sufficient staff for the work failed to update the readers about their routine and daily decisions and orders besides policies.

It is high time for the new Jammu and Kashmir Government which is highly influenced by the governance of a man like Prime Minister, Modi who is very much internet high-tech friendly, to move away from the decades old paper culture in all the Government Departments (offices) and develop websites right at the tehsil headquarter of each individual department and connect it with chambers of concerned minister and commissioner secretary  (like as each bureau office of a media house remains connected with its head office and the information flows quick and speedy).

Such a system/network if once developed will not only save the time but will ensure transparency and accountability and quick flow of information besides corrupt practices will go down manyfold.