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Seraikis, one of the oldest nations in the world with their language and culture are inherent of Indus Valley Civilization. The ‘Rigvedas’ written on the banks of Indus, designate intellects of Seraikis. River Indus flows quietly through Seraiki lands enriching them with fertility and cash crops. Obviously Seraikis and the River Indus are made for each other. The remarkable fortune made Seraikis sane, trustworthy and humane. With vast area and big population they were essentially expected to lead multi-civilization subcontinent of Asia. But it is most unfortunate on the part of Seraikis that even in 21st century; they are facing worst kind of slavery in Pakistan.
Because of Indus valley Civilization, India was pronounced as ‘Golden Sparrow’ which attracted fortune seekers of the world to India and so British traders took full benefits of the product of Seraiki areas like indigo, the hottest selling item in the world market. They published Bible in local languages and the one in Seraiki language was on the top recognizing the civilization of the Indus.

However every advantage to the invaders was coupled with shortfall to Indus Valley Civilization. Another clear acknowledgment was from American President Bill Clinton’s short visit to Pakistan few years back. In his address to Pakistanis, he told that he had come to visit the inherent of great Indus Valley Civilization. Due to identified reasons the speech of President Clinton was not propagated or properly interpreted. Since the Great Game, a matter of life and death for USA lead to the creation of Pakistan. Punjabis played vital role for communal divide and became the darling, being part of British Army and were bestowed over the control of Pakistan by their British masters after departure.

Instantly they usurped Seraiki land and people as masters, legitimized by USA. With partition of India the miseries of Indus Valley Civilization were enhanced many fold. USA and UK had to single out the civilization falling in Pakistan due to their political motives. But successors Punjab + Army had their own program of hegemony, they were confident that Pakistan was at their disposal to fulfill the program, civilization or no civilization. The job is being done well and the connivance of super powers still prevails. Anti Punjabi sentiment was hatched in Seraikis due to centuries old divide between Indus Valley Civilization and usurper militants. Seraikis were unaware of the conspiracy of Americans and Punjabis, rather they were stuck to their ancient civilization. Continous anti-Seraiki steps like negation of their homeland ‘Seraikistan’ means eliminating Indus Valley Civilization. Struggle by inherent of Indus Valley Civilization is to get national rights for Seraikistan. They are not aware that by realization of their motherland, Asia will become a real multi-national region. And with revival of ancient heritage of Asia, the world will be realized as multi-civilization one, harmonious and peaceful.

Institutionalized vested interest has a study of the moves which may end their dirty games and fabricated non-issues in politics. Conspiracy and use of force is the traditional policy to deal oppressed nations in Pakistan. In 1971 international community had to come forward to bailout Bengalis from this policy. In this era (1971-2015) conflict ridden security tops the priority over all political/constitutional lecumas. Pakistan already is conditioned with warlike conflicts, so none but Army rules it from day one whether on front or behind. Re-demarcation of Punjab and agreed autonomy has been struck off from national agenda. 

Constitutionalists were suppressed with exemplary punishments in the end of first era (1947-1971). To overshadow the fundamental demands of the people, fabricated issues like national action plan are always in the pipe, necessitating Army’s role. The elections in the regional countries reflected the wishes of the masses, but here in 2013 elections the track record of engineering was enhanced with quizzical technology. Status quo forces were victorious along their Seraiki, Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun electable. But a fear prevails about the regional trend for a change, so the ruling junta handed over the driving seat to Army chief for the first time. He holds the responsibility to safeguard the status quo, negation of Seraikistan coupled with revival of Indus Valley Civilization very openly. Innocent struggle by Seraikis for national rights seems to annoy the institution as it was in 1971. Without confronting Seraikis are on the front, but not killed and relieved like Bengalis. Rather conspired to be eliminated constitutionally including Seraikistan and their Indus Valley Civilization.

Bengalis who innocently voted to constitute Pakistan annoyed the institution and faced historic atrocities but they succeeded to separate Bangladesh saving their language and culture in the end. As such Seraikis have no differences with the institution, they have never been asked to take any political direction. They do have electable closely related with establishment and far away from the people despite living among them. The area is over flooded with land grabbers/settlers, but concerns are not seen on the surface. As a nation or even community Seraikis are not mentioned in so-called constitution of Pakistan. Not impressed by sponsored Islam and ideology of Pakistan, the inherent of Indus Valley Civilization are more attached with their motherland than even Bengalis. 

Seraiki National Party has initiated ‘Save Civilization Campaign’ on social media with the same motive as Bengalis in 1970. Population 48% dwelling in the centre, Seraikis are made unsecure and left no way than to consider them to be second class Punjabis. Away from politics and forget about language, culture and civilization. It is really hard to accept but seems to be a final round for the survival.


Abdul Majeed Kanjoo
Seraiki National Party
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cell: +92 300 967 9070

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JAMMU: Many a blunders and wrongs have been committed by the national leadership in J&K to appease the rulers in the state for one reason or the other. One of such blunders was allowing Dr. Farooq Abdullah to amend Section 47 of the J&K Constitution to the extent of adding a proviso in Section 47 to the extent, “Until the relevant figures for the first census taken after the year 2026 have been published, it shall not be necessary to readjust the total number of seats in the Legislative Assembly of the State and the division of the State into territorial constituencies under this sub-section.” Sub-section 3 of Section 47 provides that, “Upon the completion of each census, the number, extent and boundaries of the territorial constituencies shall be readjusted by such authority and in such manner as the Legislature may by law determine.”

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Reference :

1.       Complaint No: 44617 Dated 27/11/2013 and disposed on 06/03/2014.

2.       Complaint No: 47022 Dated 18/02/2014 and disposed on 14/02/2015.

3.       Complaint No: 47473 Dated 04/03/2014 and disposed on 05/02/2015.


Respected Sir,

                With humble submission , we Ghulam Mohamad Lone and Shabir Ahmad Lone both the resident of village Hanjiwera, Tehsil Pattan District Baramulla want to bring the below mentioned facts before your goodself for your kind consideration.

1.       That we lodged a complaint on the grievance cell vide Complaint No: 44617 Dated 27/11/2013 and disposed on 06/03/2014. The said complaint was disposed with the remarks “Replied to Complainant by DC Baramulla. The Tehsildar Pattan has been directed to visit the spot and remove the illegal encroachment if any found on spot.” This complaint was disposed off on 06/03/2014 but no action was taken to redress the grievance till date. Only paper formality was completed by the Tehsildar Pattan in which he has written to DC Baramulla that our land is under the link road and we have received the rent of the said land from BRO till 2010.

2.       That we lodged complaint No: 47022 and 47473 which were disposed off after one year with the remarks that “R&B authorities has requested revenue officers for joint inspection of the spot and then only final status report shall be submitted. ”

3.       Before this I have given many representations before Tehsildar Pattan, DC Baramulla , Divisional Commissioner , BRO authorities and almost have knocked every door but being a common man with out affiliation with any political figure or political organization , I was rolled from pillar to pole like a football.

4.       I have also filled RTI applications to sought the status of my applications and representations from which  I came to know that R&B authorities have written that they have taken the matter with Tehsildar Pattan to  redress the grievance but there was no response from Tehsildar Pattan till 22/04/2014.This matter was taken up by Tehsildar Pattan vide the letter of R&B dept vide letter No 34/M.

5.       That R&B authorities have also taken up the matter with DDC Baramulla vide letter No 537-38 Dated 03/06/2014 and vide No: 891-93 Dated 17-06-2014 with the request to direct Tehsildar Pattan to fix a convenient  date for the joint inspection of site but again there was no response till 07/07/2014.

6.       That R&B Department has again requested Tehsildar Pattan vide their letter No: 2343-46 Dated 18-09-2014 and vide letter No: 2383-86 Dated 23-09-2014 to fix a convenient day for the joint inspection of the spot but till date there was no response from Tehsildar Pattan.

7.       That I am again and again asking the revenue and R&B authorities that if they need my Land they can take it on rent but I am not been given any response from the revenue authorities.

8.       W.e.f 2010 to 2015 many representations were given to almost all authorities but all showed the non seriousness to redress my issue.

9.       From the day on which the GOVERNOR RULE was imposed , I am having hopes that my grievance will be redressed.


With this hope I am requesting your good self to kindly have a sympathetic look on my grievance and request your good self to redress it as soon as possible as I am waiting for the Justice from past Five years.

Application/representation is enclosed with all the documentary evidences and proofs.


Thanking You Sir


Yours Faithfully

Ghulam Mohamad Lone


Postal Address

Ghulam Mohammad Lone S/o Mohd Sultan lone

R/o Hanjiwera Bala , Near National Highway

Tehsil pattan , Baramulla , Kashmir – 193122

Mob : 9419520234 and 9906408243

Email ID : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.