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What one-time taken place with KP community is not distant from all and sundry? If we go through from the recounting of long-ago the KP community be real count up and reckoned as luminous group of people in the Kashmir valley. In the year of 1990 more than seven lakh families of this populace has registered their third term migration across the country due to unfortunate circumstances and growing malign threats from several militant outfit organizations in the valley after the federal accord of the crown state with an Indian union in 1952.

In the course of high climax militancy era merely KP society was stay put mark within most active and infamous militant outfit organizations like Lashkar-Toiba-Jaishe-Mohd and Hizbul-Mujaheedeen. Undergo menace of unsafe sensitivity the community people finally left the place towards greatly humid-temperate environment .Thousands in number of men and women died of sunstroke,  cardiac  arrest, kidney disorder,  cause of perilous drinking water, starvation ,Scorpio as well as snake biting besides with other viral diseases. The existence of youth group turned into depression, hypertension, anxiety, stress, and pain and loses sleep due to out of work. Nativity rate downstairs other than death rate recorded.

At this moment in time a total of 60,452 families of Kashmiri migrants are registered in the country of which 38,119 are in Jammu 19,338 in Delhi and 1995 in other states. The data shows that there are about 1.5 lakh voters from migrated Hindu community settled in different districts of Rajasthan, majorly in Barmer, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur. Others are spread across the nation in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab and Haryana.

Near to the ground populace of the community struggled up to several years in the roof tented accommodation across the country being ignored by the successive governments in every respect. Thousands in number educated unemployed youths were being deprived from the employed opportunities till they have crossed all the overage limits and their life happen to entirely of no value.

Surviving only on meager amount of   Rs1600/ per month as a relief in these price rise market the mentally disturbances induces them to take risk in the valley to be get a job to live there with honor and dignity. But it is an Alas! to say that” In the middle of PM Package KP community arrive at an end edge” Optimistically “not seen exodus people” were being utilized under the garb of employment Package that compute not anything more than the bond of misleading the community at large.

Migrants recruitment rules 2009 apparently reads that the appointee  agrees to serve in Kashmir valley in case he migrates again from Kashmir valley at any stage for any reason whatsoever he will stand automatically terminated from the service and shall have no claim against any post under the state. While the PM Package Employees Kashmir (PMPEK) has taken a strong note for the delay in the salaries of the employees posted in Kashmir valley and alleged Kashmiri Pandits are without salaries for the last so many months. Release of salaries never reaches there on time making hundreds of employees working in valley to suffer. Weird and wonderful is that except the PM Package Employees Kashmir other employees running together are getting their salaries on time.

The PM employment Package be real converted into “pack your age” said one of the engaged employees at rehabilitation camp Vesu of District Anantnag at the moment. While exposed disappointment , displeasure over the special job opportunities for KP youths in the valley he leveled several allegations upon the present government and put in the picture that current supervision administration ready to flatten the migrant status of the minority community devoid of any advantage. The government has presupposed to go for divide and rule policy in the midst of the community as yearn for to obliterate the Home Land movement.

It is an amaze to say that the majority of employed KP youths recruited under PM’s special employment package desired to leave the job on conditions of re- registration of their migrant status outside the valley, while on another hand other groups of the community youth were being confusing and are make them mentally prepared to follow the recruitment Procedures to get the jobs in the valley.

In reality the present constructed transit camps at  Vesu, Veervan Bara mullah Sheikhpora Budgam or at other places in Kashmir valley allotted to KP youths are entirely not enough or all right to  be live in despite HRA(House rent allowance) as rupees 1500/is being recovered from every reformed enlist employee per month. Cores of rupees have been misappropriated in the name of rehabilitation of Kashmiri pandits in valley.

In Provided accommodation 3 to 4 employees were being habituated shockingly living without drinking water, electricity and foodstuff provisions as well as inadequate safekeeping arrangements. The non-time payment of their salaries are also reasons  behind  the  argument, however the local valley based employee in the same institutions are get their emoluments within the right period of time.

Despite the stiff opposition from Protagonists of home land movement who  all the time  ridiculed  governments such return formula but the  intervention   of inter-national related agencies make use of not seen exodus people for the settlement in such pitiable ,useless clusters at district headquarters  instead of  their original Places in view of the deteriorating law and order situation in Kashmir.

What is more? You be ashamed of an degradation , the loss of face and the feelings of guilt for the thoughtless decision that have been taken by innocent and ignorant parents of the community to drive their future prospect towards  more coerce and  intimidate vicinity where from all they have  once decided to  run off  in tragedy crisis. Differences built-up among the Kp community over the PM‘s treatment by way of present employment package as affirmed an imperceptible.  Barely be in this world survived future prospect of the community met with several challenges which after all confirms that the KP community closes to an end edge.

Married KP women case in point who obtained the employment opportunities are making duties of their tasks in far –flung areas in the valley are facing the apprehension of threat and feelings of unease beside their life partner are in active full in other day today busy schedules outside the state of Jammu and Kashmir while in an another hand their school going children are facing ill treatment from their respective parents. The Husband, wife and children are facing way away situations. There are several divorce or separation cases pending before the different judicial courts across the country at large...

Several other parents who admitted their wards in nearby schools in the valley have feelings of unsatisfactory over the poor and destitute response from their wards in obtaining education by means of unexpected local culture and tradition. The Parents of unmarried women have feelings of sinister are foreboding for lacking confidence over security scenario in the valley. Maximum people of the KP community are not contented with present PM’S employment package. For the reason that those even have settled or temporarily engaged are making refute and disagreement over this issue and  also articulate the conversion threat be  not come to pass at any stage to be there.

At last the moral values among the KP community witness to be demoralized and disheartened in the several ways. Some employed youths in valley are accommodated in transit camps devoid of any surveillance or an inspection grow to be the habitual of addiction of alcohol and banned drugs. Moreover hungry for money or desire for fervent food to eat often induce anyone in the wrong trail. May be I have  rightly realize that”   Beside guiltless and non exodus people’s  inconsiderate realism, including vested interest tact can  not only harm the  society  but will demonstrate exceedingly mischief in upcoming times .

When I asked one Young KP lady serving her duties in valley without her husband about the realism of rehabilitation  package to  KP Youth by means of employment she replied that our first generation Grand Father and Grandmother put to death by sunstroke in hot weather region and second generation mother ,father faced many challenges for basic amenities the  third generation we people still struggling for  right to livelihood and now last generation that are our children are  finding and searching  for their parents and are facing way away situations from their families due to present PM package . As all the above circumstances we can enunciate that “In the middle of PM Package KP community arrive at an end edge”

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“All of us remain concerned that the issue of Jammu and Kashmir should be solved through peaceful negotiations and should be willing to lend all the strength we have to the resolution of this matter.” President Nelson Mandela at the NAM Summit – September 2, 1998

 In matters of international conflict resolution, that can only imply the involvement of a third party mediator or facilitator. If Ashok and Ahmad can't put Humpty Dumpty back together because they can't agree on where the pieces go, then Sam, a specialist in eggshell reconstruction, should be called upon in order for differences to be resolved. Most importantly, without a third party's impartial diligence in pursuing a settlement, breakdowns in lines of communication or other disputes that may arise will inevitably create barriers to resolution, and the process will fail. The side in the dispute which offers initiatives will always be seen as weak when both are out rattling their sabres; hence no progress can be made.

Although it seems that the UN would be the most ideal party to do so, it's obvious that UN involvement needs acceptance from both Pakistan and India. India has made it clear that the UN's monitoring of the Line of Control separating the two sides is itself unacceptable. Efforts to involve other major power brokers has achieved nothing, and most have alliances with one or the other of the two countries that would taint the process. The world powers can still persuade India and Pakistan to go back on their position in respect to the UN. Alternatively, they can suggest to both neighboring countries to simply agree that some other neutral party which perhaps professionally engages in conflict resolution might work between the two countries, creating an unbroken line of communication between them so that differences can in fact be resolved.

This mediator or facilitator should not be any party that is tied to any known national or international political agenda, whose funding should be derived independent of such interests, and which may pursue the resolution of this conflict objectively.

It would be the task of such an independent agency or a personality of an international stature to review solutions to the dispute which have garnered some attention and agreement in the past and to propose steps that would bring Pakistan and India together on points of alignment, with the full inclusion of the Kashmiris themselves. Since the future of Kashmir is at stake, it is vitally important that its own interests, however varied among Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and others, be a party to any discussions that are to take place.

Numerous proposals have been made in the past for resolving the Kashmir dispute which the neutral agency might take into consideration, such as that proposed by Sir Owen Dixon’s Plan in 1950, Ambassador Yusuf Buch’s Proposal in 2003, to Ambassador Kuldip Nayar’s Proposition in 2014.

 There are several key issues that have been addressed in such proposals that need to be taken into consideration again.

 1.         Should all military operations cease and all troops from both countries be withdrawn?

 2.         What political, economic, national defense or social interests do Pakistan and India have in their respective regions of control in Kashmir that are important to retain?

 3.         Is their involvement in the power structure of a future Kashmir necessary to preserve such interests?

 4.         Should the long-term objective be complete sovereignty and independence for such a state, or should a power-sharing arrangement be sought with the countries now involved?

 5.         Should communal interests that divide these regions culturally and religiously be used to establish provincial or federalized boundaries in order to separate them politically?

 6.         Should the Chanab River be used as a boundary in making such a division? 

 7.         Should the Line of Control be dissolved?

 8.         Does land or territory make a country or do people make a country? Which has greater priority in deciding Kashmir's future?

 9.         Should the interests of the people who now live in Kashmir be given greater priority than geographic considerations of proximity to Pakistan or India or any other interests of those who live outside its boundaries?

 10.       Is peace possible if the interests and desires of the population inhabiting Kashmir are not given the highest priority?

 11.       Should valuable resources within Kashmir, such as water, which provide an essential need to all countries involved, be managed by a board or coordinating committee composed of members from all who benefit with international guarantees?

 12.       What examples of international conflict resolution may be used to identify successful pathways to resolving the conflict?  

 13.       What are the benefits that would accrue to both India and Pakistan in resolving this dispute?

It is clear that resolving this dispute requires a careful evaluation of its many points of contention and addressing them one by one in a carefully drawn out process in which coming to an agreement on each sets the stage for moving on to the next. The most basic set of principles must be established and adhered to regarding human rights, the interests of the Kashmiris themselves, and the preservation of vital interests that both India and Pakistan have at stake, and then to proceed with steps toward objectives that result in a win-win solution for all.

 Dr. Fai can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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DODA: Although the Government is showing keen interested to raise the educational standard of throughout the state, particularly in rural areas and have banned ReTs to conduct exams, but in Districts of Kishtwar and Doda, the educational standard is decreasing with each passing day. The reason for such odd situation in educational field is matter of great concern. But at the same time while we look at the examination system in entire Doda region, particularly in rural areas, where the selective superintendents and supervisory staff has been posted, and pre examination tie up has been made with the examinees who have been kept at liberty to do open large scale mass copying.

In order to save their skin, some teachers and lecturers try to show the high percentage of results either by hook or crook, thus give rise to the mass copying Industry which is expanding its roots every year. It is further quite strange that the Board authorities at State and District level keep mum on this issue, and it has been alleged by a group of Scholars and educationists that the BOSE officials have hand in glow with these selective groups of teachers promoting mass copying.

“If you want to get pass %age or high %age you have to choose the exam center in rural areas it has been also observed that some wards of doctors, Lectures, engineers and other gazetted officers are studying in highly reputed private schools in Jammu, Kishtwar, Doda and other towns but they are admitted in Govt schools in rural areas to get double benefit i,e. to get RBA benefit and to increase their merit above 90% by writing answer sheets in special room with the help of special supervisors. this menace reached at its peak with the introduction of government job on merit basis and the schemes like ReT and appointment of teachers or any other posts by service selection board wherein the board consider 12 class percentage which plays vital role in making the government appointments. Though the service selection board shifted to objective type test paper for teachers and few other posts, but the menace of mass copying also hit the meritorious job aspirants here as well.

While making the appointments under ReT, the selection list penal is made purely on academic merit basis thus further promoting the menace of mass copying in Chenab valley.  The students and their parents look desperate for increasing the percentage of marks in 10th and 12th class examination for which the parents of the students seems ready to pay money. As per the reports from the trusted sources, the nexus between the board employees and some employees of education department involved in conducting the examination charge Rs.8000-10000 for getting high percentage. Charging 300 or 500 per practical from students during practical examination has becom compulsory for some teachers and lecturers. Why the practical exams are conducted from the students who have never seen laboratory in rural high schools and Higher secondary schools in is out of conception.