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Sikhism was founded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.


Guru in Sikh traditions means Enlightener and Sikh means disciple. Sikhism is one of the six higher religions in the community of worlds faiths. A higher religion infers to have a message for mankind as a whole and not for a particular society. Sikhism is a higher religion because it believes in a moral, just and benevolent world order and it aims at the creation of a new egalitarian and moral society. It seeks good and welfare performance of noble deeds. It seeks good and welfare of entire community in its daily prayer.


Guru Arjun Dev Ji who stood up against tyranny as unflinching (firm) before terror and torture, sacrifice himself to indoctrinate the teaching that one must not bow before injustice which impressed Sikhs and felt the self defence against tyranny. Guru Hargobind ji institutionalized it and thereafter Sikhism became a force to be reckoned with and was able to set up its own empire. Thus the second phase of development of Sikh dynamic mysticism started a transition from saint aspect to the saint soldier aspect, a mysticism of action.


Guru Gobind Singh Ji had the burning desire of serving his country and his people. Guru Gobind Singh Ji figures in the world history as a great leader of men, epitome of royal courage, rising spirit, patriotism, sacrifice, confrontation with tyranny, a versatile genius of highest order a unique religious law giver and champion of down trodden and above all a sacrificing martyr for the cause of suffering and persecuted humanity.

In the year 1699 on the Day of Vaisakhi Guru Govind Singh Ji created Khalsa Panth at Kesgarh Sahib, Anand Pur Sahib. Guru Ji by administering Amrit (Nector) infused the spirit of dynamic power rising spirit which refuses to be crushed by any adversary and dramatically transformed the Sikhs Community into a band of Khalsa (meaning pure) and constructed a unique powerful chapter in the history of religion. On this occasion Guru Ji also gave the surname of Singh(lion) to every Sikh.

He also pronounced that all Sikh Women embody royalty and gave them the surname (Kaur) Princess. Fighting for justice and freedom of worship, the Sikhs became saint soldiers, a militancy power with the aim to help the seeker of truth to discover within himself the light of perfection, the power of immanence and realize god not only in sublime mystical experiences but in very life and existence of humanity. By the creation of Khalsa Guru Ji fulfilled his passion and delivered the message of love and initiated the completion of his mission. Khalsa Dharma is the miracle of his thoughts, which dazzled the world. Guru made the realmen out of impotents, lion out of foxes and charged the fate of ruined Hindu Nation.

The divine power and strengths, which Guru Imparted to his Singhs after baptizing with the gift of Amrit, was displayd by the Sikhs during several wars. Let us see the description of the war of Chamkaur Sahib, where he had only forty Sikhs and Mughal Army had a million trained and equipped soldiers. He fiercely fought for the entire day and allowed his tender aged sons to fight and shed their blood for defence of motherland and proved his say i.e. “Jab Aav Ki Audh Nidhan Bane At(I) he run me(n) tab jujh maroon” meaning when with your blessings the death finally comes, I must sacrifice my life in the battle. Guru transformed his followers into brave fighters, who posses so much strength and courage that they could dare the lions in their own dens and challenged dreadful Aurangzab in his own court. The lowest of the lowly became equal to the highest of the higher caste.


Saain Bulhe Shah was very much impressed by the splendid way through which Guru Ji halted the atrocities, persecutions, and oppression of Mughal Govt. He wrote “na Kahun ab Ki, na Kahun tab ki, gar na hotey Guru Govind Singh, to Sunnat Hoti Sab Ki, “I don’t say of now or don’t say of then, but I can say with certainty that if Guru Govind Singh would not have appeared everybody would have been circumcised by force to accept Islam”


Guru Ji created Such Khalsa that William Warbust writes that Sikhs have higher character, moral ethics, sense of sympathy and affection towards humanity that even while encountering against Sikhs I can afford to leave my wife and children under their protection in full confidence “I am leased worried putting my wife and young daughter in the custody of Sikh Soldier because I am doubly sure that they are absolutely safe in the hands of a Sikh.


Guru Ji created his casteless a classless Khalsa mostly from the stuff which was discarded as downtrodden and depressed and gave us message to live secular and democratic life. He proudly said “I shall create scholars out of them teach them method of discoursing on special religious lores, shall transform them into a crown (Sardar) all of men, only then I shall be worthy of myself”.


Guru JI prohibited mainfour apostle for Khalsa.


1)      Shaving or cutting hair.


2)      Eating Kuttha meat.


3)      Use of Tobacco or any other intoxicants.


4)      Adultery.


Regarding Adultery Guru Ji said “Nij Nari Ke Sung Prem Tum Nit Badeyeo Par Nari Sej Bhool Supna Hun Ne Jaiyo,” means with your wife make love always go not ye, even in dreams.  This acts as a guiding aroma for Sikhs even today. If the present day world strictly follows this advice of Guru Ji in letter and spirit, it can doubtlessly get rid from clutches of fatal, incurable and dreadful diseases which otherwise are engulfing the humanity. Guru Ji also forbade the entry of Killer of Girl child into Khalsa Panth.


If the Sikhs seriously accept with confidence and reverence, the Sikhs practical way of life, which the Sikh Guru have taught then, then all the supernatural and mystic powers will be ready to obey him. Guru Ji Imparted his own image to Sikhs in the form of uncut hair, ful beard and turban and baptized them with the other its blessings of Amrit (Neither) Guru JI’s own command is.


“Khalsa mero roop hai khas,


Khalsa mein haun Karo(n) niwas’


Khalsa is my own special form, I do reside in the Khalsa. So on this auspicious day let’s pledge to readable our efforts of lighting up the right of love, kindness and impartial affection and strengthen the pillars of work workship charity, service and meditation and not least let us pledge to eradicate the menance of female feticide and social evils prevailing in the society.


The author is Socio-Political Reformist

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Whose instructions ssrb is following?

The constitution of J&K has given 20% reservation to RBA and 8% reservation to each SC and ST according to the ratio of their population for all kinds of recruitments. How can ssrb make its own laws is a big question?

As per the reservation there should have been 27 posts for RBA out of 134 for NaibTehsiladar posts but only 14 posts have been reserved for RBA which is the clear violation of law and it also shows the discriminatory attitude of ssrb towards RBA.

It also shows that a big conspiracy is being hatched to abolish the reservation of RBA in j&k and this has been done to check the reaction of people living in far flung areas.  So the political leaders, social workers, students, and unemployed youths belonging to RBA category should come forward and raise their voice for this callous attitude of ssrb towards RBA. If we remained silent then in the next advertisements RBA quota would be abolished for the Non gazetted posts like finance inspector, Forester, food inspector, TSWO etc.

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The difference between a home and house is not less than the difference between the day and night. The return of Kashmiri Hindus known as Kashmiri Pandits has again overshadowed the news headlines and has once again put some extra fuel in the hot political furnace of the state and the whole of India. The issue has made the life of many easy as it's a debate which has always been perfect for the prime times and trust that if there's nothing left in the polity and if it looks dull, take on the home coming of the migrant Hindus and it will turn the test match into the slog of a twenty twenty.

The KP home coming has over shadowed and dominated all other issues in the J&K politics and not only the state politics but the politics at the centre too. The news channels, news papers and the experts are in full tide expressing their expert comments. People in the valley took on to streets to oopose the alienation of the Pandits by facilitating a seperate township for them in valley.
Ideally it does make no sense to arrange a seperate township for the migrated sons of the Kashmir soil. It will only create an alienation and not only that, it would be even more worse for them than living in different parts of India.

Home is a home and there's a non compromising difference between home and a mere house. If it has to be a homecoming, it has to be a return to home n not a house. There are some elements in the KP fraternity also who have benefitted the most by the facilities provided to them by the Indian government and a bitter fact is that they would never want something like a homecoming to happen officially for they will have to forfeit from the luxuries, but if a common KP who is in exile is asked about homecoming, he would not need to answer by words because one can actually read from his what a relief that would be and what a dream come true that would be.

Politics seems to be played in its full swing on this issue also and it looks like a routine process of just hollow promises. The government looks more interested in being at their best to play with the emotions of people and be able to shout their hollow claims on top of their voices on prime time shows. Let's hope that one day the children of the motherland return to the lap of the mother n the atmosphere returns to a loving one with all Kashmiris, KP's KM's KS's n KC's live in harmony and be there to stand together hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder.